Dog fleas are a punishment on dogs as they slowly make the pet very ill, so ill that the pet cannot do anything. In extreme case, the pet is so weak that he does not feel like eating anything. Fleas and ticks multiply very fast therefore even when you see one flea you must not delay in killing that flea and check properly that if more fleas or ticks have infected your pet.

Peppermint is one such herbal oil, which can be used successfully on any pet, be it a cat or a dog to make the pet free from all types of fleas.

Peppermint can be used on animal grooming products

When you are bathing the dog to make it free from dog fleas, you can add some peppermint oil in its grooming products like shampoo and conditioner. This will keep it free from fleas as well as ticks. Peppermint smells beautiful and once applied on the pet, it will smell beautiful. When this oil is added in any shampoo or conditioner, make sure that you shake the bottle properly so that the oil spreads easily.

Use of peppermint oil in making the carpet free from dog fleas

For this, one does not have to spray peppermint oil on the carpet but rather soak a small cotton ball in this oil and keep it in the vacuum cleaner. After this, the carpet can just be vacuumed properly and the smell coming out of the vacuum cleaner will drive away fleas and ticks from the carpet. This method can be applied in making every furniture free off dog fleas as well as ticks.

To make the bedding free from fleas as well as ticks one can apply the same method and then vacuum the bed properly.

Lavender and tree oil can also be used in killing dog fleas. These oils are good for the skin and have a very positive effect on the pet. It is however recommended that one must do a patch test and then only use these oils on the pet. There will be no irritation but however if some irritation occurs then one can discontinue the use of the same

Peppermint is a wonderful herb that will keep dog fleas off pets as well as from all over the house. Peppermint oil is not harmful on the pet and can be used both on a cat as well as on a dog.

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