At this point, Adobe Photoshop is the perfect tool to edit images, graphics, and photos. Graphic designers and photographers use Photoshop using layers with masks, color spaces, ICC profiles, transparency, text, alpha channels and spot colors, clipping paths. If you have no idea of those things, don't worry. I am going to provide you some basic and very easy instructions to help you complete simple tasks using Photoshop. It is usually very simple to use Photoshop, the hard part is knowing what tools to use, and how to use them. I had to learn this through the trial and error, now I am going to give you a head start.

Editing ID And Documents
There are some reasons why somebody might want to generate fake ID, and some of those are not legal. This lesson will surely show you how to edit an image of ID card or documents that you may want to alter. However, the technique will not be perfect enough to generate ID for the purpose of fraud or any other such criminal doings (this is absolutely a good thing, because I do not want to help anyone to do a crime). This may be good enough to sign up for websites that are not old enough to use, or provide documents to eBay or PayPal. You can check your local laws to make sure you are not breaking anything.
The changing of the date of birth and, photo is actually simple in most cases. In this case, we will use a photo of a sample NY State Drivers license. This is not a actual license, it is only a sample.

• Open the Photoshop on your computer and, go to "file" in the top right corner. Now, scroll down and click "open" and, browse through your computer and select the image you intend to edit or alter.

• Use the magnifying tool on the bottom left of the menu (it looks like a magnifying glass actually) and, zoom in on the birth date.

• In this point, the actual date of birth is 06-09-1985 and we will normally use the rectangular marquee tool on the top left of the menu to copy the "6", simply place a square just covering the area of the 6. click ctrl C, then ctrl V.

• Now you should have a copy of the number "6". use the move tool on the top of the left menu to slide the "6" over and completely cover the "8", now we have a date of birth in the year 1965, as apposed to 1985. You can imagine how this might be useful?

• If you only want to change the date of birth, you are finished and you can skip to step 7. However, if you want to edit the name and address, you can use the same procedure and continue moving numbers and letters around. You will be surely limited to the characters that you have to work with, but in most cases this will be enough to slightly change name and address. For example, you can change 1043 front st, to 1430 fort st.

• If you want to change an image of an ID, in some facts you can simply paste a photo of the same size and similar background. If it is not going to be so simple, then you can see my article on face swapping:

• Once your image is completely full, I would suggest you to print it out, and then scan it and save it as a scan, this makes it look more authentic. It takes away evidence of tampering.

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