Currently, there are several off-page techniques to boost your visibility and increase brand awareness. Like submitting articles, press release distribution to premium media outlets generates high quality backlinks. Before launching the press release campaign, you need to know a few tricks to maximize your traffic benefits.

Press release is a news statement that informs about your product launches, special offers and other entrepreneurial related announcements to media and consumers. Creating a quality, informative and newsworthy content is the key to grab the attention of media outlets and consumers. Unlike article writing, press release should not be written from a marketing perspective but from a journalist perspective. It must point out how your business differs from others in a generic tone. Avoid using clinched phrases which might make your press release sound promotional.

To make your release worthy, you can add unbiased quotes referring about your company. Use effective keywords and ensure that you are not keyword stuffing. Usually, search engines crawl the first and last paragraph of the release, so make sure your release includes the targeted keywords effectively. At the end, add a few details about your company and provide contact information that must include an email address, a phone number and website address.

Add videos and images to make your release standout. It must have a perfect flow of information like who organized the event, when did it happen and why it was organized to satisfy the journalist and consumers. After creating a newsworthy press release, you need to focus more on distribution as it plays a key role in determining the success of your press release marketing campaign.

Here are a few simple tips to distribute your press release effectively:

To reach wider audience, you need to look for popular and reputed press release distribution sites that guarantee distribution of press release to large number of premium media outlets and journalists. Avoid using press release distribution sites that let you to submit your release for free as they might not generate quality backlinks. Remember, low quality backlinks can hurt your ranking and traffic considerably.

Try to find sites that offer social media network distribution and multimedia engagement. Some popular distribution sites have partnership with news agency to widen the distribution and reach major newspapers and radio stations.

Make sure your release meets the rules and regulations of the press release distribution site as popular press release distribution sites might reject your release if it’s not according to their guidelines.

All these tips might help to boost your ranking and traffic using press release.

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