Have you ever watched a video of a psychic as she or he gets ready to do a reading for someone or channel someone? What is the first thing you usually see them do? Right, the deep slow breathing that reminds you of a b-rated movie about psychics. After the few deep breaths they then open their eyes and you get a sense as though they are now someone different or in a completely different state, like super hero versus their alter.

Well in fact you could say that they are a different person. In the process they have merged with their higher self through quickly lowering their brainwave state. In that lower brainwave state (and I won't get into the various brainwave states so as to not complicate this) they have expanded their awareness and have access to information from a higher level/higher source or you could say from a connection to a higher source even though that source is within their own selves.


First of all, who and what is your higher self? Your higher self is that part of you who is on the ball, always has the correct answers, knows the right decision to make to help you accomplish your goals, is organized and forgets nothing, is more patient and tolerant, and oh yes, more relaxed and unstressed. Yes, you could say it is the almost perfect part of yourself. Wouldn't you like to bring that out more? In business, in relationships, or in your creative endeavors? What would that mean to you? For many that could mean being able to increase revenues or reaching goals faster within your business or your position. In relationships it could mean not only a sounder more stable relationship but even making better decision when it comes to what individuals are a better match for you and who to maybe keep a little distance from. With your children that could mean more patience when dealing with a child who is suddenly hyper or non-cooperative. With spiritual goals that could mean having more control of the self and over your negative ego and emotions. The list of benefits in all areas of life are vast.


Let me explain a little more about what happens more specifically. Let's say you are pondering some decision. Maybe you will spend time thinking about it and all your options and possible outcomes of those options. Maybe you will get together with others and discuss the situation and choices. Some have many meetings related to the same situation or decision and before they finally make that decisions they have spent countless hours in this part of the decision making phase often to still make a decision that may not be the right one based on the desired outcome.

I have in the above paragraph hinted slightly that all that talk may not be necessary but for now don't change how you handle that part of your decision making unless it is stressing your bottom line and taking up too many employee hours that are not billable to anyone. Once you have finished with discussing the situation most go right to the making a decision part. Okay, so what is it going to be? Are you really ready to make that decision because you feel you have discussed it thoroughly? Most would say yes, but I say no.

The next thing that should happen is that this is were you put all the information that was discussed to work, so to speak. During the discussion information was probably presented that allowed you to know all the facts. Great! All that information was impressed upon what is called your memory body. You can think of it simply as being put in your mind so that your brain and higher self has it to work with. Now instead of you being the one to process that information into a decision you need to let your higher self do that. After all your higher self knows all and can process that information into the best decisions better than you can of course.


Go into your office, close the door and sit comfortably. Take a few deep long breaths and try to clear your mind and let yourself relax. You can let yourself relax because you are able to feel confident that all is going to be made so crystal clear to you. You don't need to force anything. Just sit and relax letting the thought of the decision weigh only lightly on your mind. As you just breath long, slow and deeply (giving your brain more oxygen, expelling old air from your lungs and filling it back up with fresh clear air) you will be lowering your brainwave state. You can by this method easily and quickly reach a brainwave state that is ripe for operating from your higher self versus your lesser self. Like the difference between thinking as the administrative assistant versus the CEO with PhD and all. Of course for those of you who have hyper busy minds this may be difficult. If that is that case for you don't worry, you can change all that just by sticking with it and being persistent about this practice until you have become a person with the ability to quiet your mind. You will gain nothing unless you at least try!

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You have to stay confident that everything is going to be made clear to you whether that moment comes within a few moments, a few minutes, hour, or a day. Rest assure it will come and not only will you have a decision but you will have the right decision for your intended goal and outcomes.


One last thing I want to mention is very important. Don't beat a dead horse! Once you have done all the above, check yourself. Are you still talking this to death with anyone who will listen? Are you sending yourself a message that you doubt that the right decision will come to you? You may say no because you may feel like so many that many of the things you do hurt nothing. Everything matters and especially what you subconsciously tell yourself matters. So remember to periodically stop and check yourself and make sure you are even subconsciously telling yourself things that will move you forward and not hold you in the same spot for too long.

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Sherry Andrea, Author, Intuitive Advisor, Spiritual & Personal Development Coach empowers and guides all towards discovering and uncovering their true self. Through the enlightenment she has gained through diligent spiritual work she offers the benefit of guidance as she speaks with the knowledge of her higher self. Ms. Andrea's life purpose is to guide others in their ascension, enlightenment, and personal development quest and especially to share the knowledge she has been given.