Have you ever heard about Reishi Pilz? It is one of the popular mushroom species consumed more for its pharmaceutical and medicinal properties when compared to its nutritional value. Being a medicinal mushroom, it has been utilized for hundreds of years especially in Asian countries for treating infections. In recent times, it has been used in the treatment of cancer and pulmonary diseases. When looking deep inside down, it has unlimited benefits for several health conditions such as high blood pressure, AIDS, respiratory diseases, cancer, and much more. Keep reading to know more information about reishi.

Different ways to take reishi mushroom

Because of the huge health benefits, many people wish to start using this mushroom. Since it is easiest to buy as well as cultivate on your own, you can get it your hands easily. Below mentioned are some of the different ways to use reishi.

Pills/tablets – These are usually made by grinding up the fruitbody or mycelium of the mushroom. Most of the research indicates that reishi fruitbodies are highly effective and useful in fighting diseases. Since it is easy to take, you can take tablets made from those. Always take a smaller dose in the beginning and then work up to the large one because your body needs time to adjust. Usually, it is required 9-15 gram dosage to treat serious diseases.

Extracts – Using the hot water or alcohol, the active ingredients of reishi are concentrates into the liquid. The label of the bottle itself tells you how many drops are equal to one gram of mushroom. You can use this extract in the smoothie, drink, and place straightly on the tongue.

Dried – You can purchase dried mushrooms as the whole or even in the powder form. Though it is extremely hard to eat, it will be much effective when you take it with tea or soup.

Based on your needs, you can use reishi in any forms and obtains its diverse range of health benefits without much effort.

Things to be aware of before taking reishi

It is important to understand certain things before taking reishi, which helps you stay away from all the hassles.

Before taking any form of reishi, it is important to talk to your doctor especially if you have any medical condition

Keep in mind that you would not notice anything after taking reishi once or twice. You must take it every day and able to notice the results within a few weeks to twice months so be patient

Take all the powders, pills, and teas along with some Vitamin C because it enhances the absorption of polysaccharides in your body. It also adds the multivitamin to your mushroom routine

Always purchase the organically grown mushroom because they are better and safer for you. if you are unable to find them, then try to cultivate on your own

Likewise, purchase reishi from the company that has a reputation and offer enough information about the product without any hesitation.

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