So many times, entrepreneurs put everything they have into building a startup and at the first sign or two of rejection, they begin doubting their abilities. Not being able to deal with and overcome rejection has been the downfall of many an entrepreneur and that’s why it is one of the most important things to learn before you can hope to be a success. In anything you do in life, there will be rejections. An unrequited love, an application for a business loan at the bank or even a book you are writing and submitting to publishing house after publishing house. Life is a series of rejections. That is a fact of life, pure and simple. It’s what you do with those rejections that make a difference.

1. Most Times It Isn’t Personal So Don’t Take It That Way!

Can you imagine what phone solicitors go through day after day? Those calls that are actually interested in what they have to say or sell are few and far between! If they quit after a series of rejections, they’d never be on the job to make that one phone call that could net them tens of thousands of dollars in residual income! Those people hanging up on you (figuratively) are not aiming their lack of interest at you. You may be the straw that broke the camel’s back and they simply don’t want to hear what anyone has to say, even for all the money in the world. Don’t take rejection in business personally. You just might not have what they want – it’s not you!

2. Use Rejection as a Learning Experience

What might help here is an example of one 26 year old New Zealander who had a series of bad startups as an entrepreneur before he landed on the one thing the market was really in need of, a consulting agency. Sam Ovens didn’t let rejection stop him from becoming the multimillionaire he has become. He took time after each ‘failure,’ after each rejection of his ideas, to regroup and refocus. He studied why his ideas failed and what he could do to improve on his style. Ultimately, as history proved, he learned why he was being rejected and turned those rejections around for ultimate success.

3. Never Be Afraid of Risk

If you are unwilling to step out in faith, you will never walk on water. Stop for a moment and think about why some of the most volatile markets have the biggest payoffs for investors. That’s right – risk! The more you risk, the bigger the prize and that is just a fact of life. From starting a business to meeting the man or woman of your dreams, if you aren’t willing to risk putting your time and effort into a relationship that might not last, you’ll never meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. It just won’t happen. Good things come to those who are willing to walk where fools fear to tread. Risk and rewards are reciprocal.

Face it, everyone faces rejection almost daily. Your husband doesn’t want any of the casserole you spent hours making and the kids don’t want to go on the vacation of your dreams. It isn’t personal! Your husband might not be in the mood for cheese and the kids don’t want to go somewhere that is boring to them. It isn’t all about you so get over yourself. Coping with rejection is an everyday occurrence and those who learn to step over those little hills reach the mountain first. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, learn to step over rejections because the mountain of success lies just up ahead.

Author's Bio: 

Luis Aureliano, a business writer and financial analyst. With over 15 years of experience in global finance and an MBA in economics and management, Luis’s areas of expertise include business, marketing, communications, personal finance, macro economics, stocks and emerging markets.