As a hairstylist or salon owner you have got to be online. The
internet is simply where it is at right now. Most beauty supplies
stores are online, so call that a clue! So how do you even use
the internet to bring in new clients? Here are six brief steps
you can take:

1. Use Your Knowledge

Are you knowledgeable on a particular topic in hair or skin?
Offer people free consulting on either topic via e-mail. Then you
could have them link to your business website, or even include
you in their e-zine. How much did it cost you only a little time, but
the rewards are endless.

2. Become An Author

There are several e-zines for you to become a published
author for free. In return for your work you will be able to
build a steady stream of potential clients who already want
what you have. You will also be able to raise your credibility.
These are just a few ways for you to gain more exposure.

3. Get People to Sign Up

A great way to get the names and email addresses for
potential clients are via testimonials. You could even ask
people to sign your guest book. In order to have them sign
your guest book offer them something of value for free.

4. Create An E magazine

Creating an e-magazine is a very cool way to get your
expertise out to potential clients in e-book format. You
could offer as many articles per issue as you like. It would
be a great idea to add graphics with the articles just like
they do in print magazines. Now with an e-magazine in place
you could gain advertising revenue because you could charge
other businesses for full page advertisement.

5. Tell People What’s Next

Letting your visitors know what’s next will get them excited
about revisiting your business website. You could tell them
about upcoming hair shows, prize drawings, sales, articles,
and other free stuff you have coming up. If they know what’s
coming up for them, they will want to revisit. Let them know
to sign up for an e-mail reminder, rss feed or tell them to
bookmark your web site.

6. Share Your Information Viral

What you would need to do is create a web book that’s
related to your business website topic. Then you can
give people who visit your business website the option
of linking to the web book so they give it away to their
website visitors. In order to make this a bit more effective
put your ad on top of the title page to get free advertising.
I’m sure this strategy will easily gain you more advertising
exposure, besides what you are giving them is valuable.

I hope these six steps assist you in growing your hair business
and hope to see you next time.

Author's Bio: 

Charlotte Howard is the owner and CEO for Charlotte Howard Consulting LLC (

The company teaches hairstylists and salon owners across the world on attracting more clients and retaining existing clients with less effort. Her mission is to create a phenomenal company that makes it very convenient for hairstylists and salon owners to get extensive training anywhere they want to.

Hairstylists and salon owners around the world have already experienced the value of the company’s training. Best of all, some products, programs and coaching are even available via the internet.

The products, programs and coaching can be readily available in the comfort of your home physically in all 50 states. Previously, Charlotte served as a corporate hair salon manager at Regis Corporation from 1998 - 2008.

She was responsible for training hairstylists, strategic marketing, advertising, accounting, bookkeeping, hiring, and planning of business operations at Regis Corporation. Even though, she continues to be the CEO at Charlotte Howard Consulting LLC, she also is a full-time mom to her three children.

If you’re a hairstylist or a salon owner looking for expert advice on attracting more clients with less effort or just have hair questions, contact Charlotte Howard. Even though it’s been over a decade, she’s still providing hair and business services.