More and more families choose to use vacuum cleaners, but improper use of vacuum cleaners will bring a lot of harm to our lives and property. This article will take everyone to understand how to use the vacuum cleaner safely and precautions for the use of the vacuum cleaner.
First, before use, you must check whether the voltage meets the power supply standard, whether the power cord has a grounding device, and whether the components are perfect and easy to use.

Second, vacuum cleaners should not be used in damp places to avoid short-circuiting of the motor due to moisture and fire.

Third, pay attention to the hanging, pulling, pressing, and stepping off the cable to avoid damage to the insulation.
Fourth, you cannot use a vacuum cleaner to suck cigarette butts, ashtrays, iron nails, thumbtacks, metal powder, various liquids, sticky objects, paper scraps, dust, and other things that have not been extinguished, in order to prevent malfunctions and cause fire or explosion accidents.

Fifth, the use of time should not be too long. When the continuous use time reaches 1 hour or the plastic shell of the barrel is obviously hot, you should stop it for a period of time before continuing to use it to prevent the motor from burning out due to overheating or short-circuiting the motor and causing a fire.

Sixth, if it is found that the vacuum cleaner is leaking, the body temperature is too high, or it makes an abnormal sound during use, stop using it immediately and ask a professional for inspection and repair.

Seventh, if you find that the motor starts to smoke, don't panic first, unplug the power supply immediately, remove the hose connected to the air inlet, and take the vacuum cleaner to the aisle, balcony, etc. where there is no combustible material around. If the motor has caught fire and burned the plastic casing of the fuselage, the vacuum cleaner can be covered with a quilt or blanket to isolate the air and suffocate the fire; if there are various types of portable fire extinguishers, they can be put out even if the power is cut off.

Eighth, every time you use the vacuum cleaner, you must unplug the power cord from the socket and store it away to prevent children from playing with it and causing safety accidents.

Ninth, after using the vacuum cleaner, shake off the dust on the filter bag in time to prevent larger objects from blocking the air inlet and exhaust outlet, thereby reducing the power of the vacuum cleaner and causing the motor to overheat and cause a fire.

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