With the arrival of UberEats clone apps, many businesses have entered the app development market by launching their version of the food delivery apps. People often come across food ordering apps that can change their everyday lives by ordering their preferred food with a single click of a button. But some, users still feel fresh to the concept of on-demand food delivery apps and face issues with using these food ordering apps. So, we created a detailed guide to help you get a hold of how the UberEats clone apps operate.

Step 1: Download and install the food delivery app of your preference from either Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Step 2: Create your account in the UberEats clone app by giving information name, contact details, GPS location, and delivery address.

Step 3: Skim your preferred dishes and menus of the restaurants near your chosen delivery location. When you discover the food items you like, tap and add them to your cart.

Step 4: You add or the food order based on your preference if it has options to do so. Fill in the number of food items you want to place an order.

Step 5: Next, you choose all the menu items you wanted to order, go to the view cart. Add personal notes for the restaurant, if you have any.

Step 6: Utilize the coupon code if suitable. Reconsider your order details and cost before ordering.

Step 7: Pay for your delivery using the payment option you favor. You can also opt for ‘Cash on delivery’.

Step 8: As you fulfill your fee, the system will place the order. Track the state of your order with regular notification.

Step 9: You will get immediate notifications on your food delivery along with the arrival details. You can trace the food delivery executives as they are authorized to pick up your order from the location.

Step 10: Your food will arrive at your preferred delivery location for you.

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