Have you already created your proprietary system? If you did, congratulations! That will make your marketing so much easier.

I do get a lot of questions from clients about the best way to use the system with your individual clients once it’s been created. The concern is, “Clients differ, so how can I take everyone through the exact same process in the exact same order?”

Let me make this really easy for you. Your proprietary system needs to be created in a logical, chronological order. Every step builds on top of the first one and then on top of each consecutive step. That makes sense, right?

This same process can be used for other products you create like a home study system or a telephone boot camp. I even did a one-day program with each step of my system. This is by far the best way to organize the information – in logical chronological order.

However, when you are actually working with a client, they have their own experiences that you need to honor. So you might have to start at step four or jump around and go out of order. And this is perfectly fine. You can always loop back around to the beginning or proceed from wherever you jumped in.

I hope I’m not letting this big bad secret out, but I rarely, if ever, take any client from step one to step ten in linear order. Usually I go through steps one through five, then fast forward to closing the sale, and then go back to step six.

My suggestion is not to put a lot of pressure on yourself to stick to the exact process in order when working with individual clients. That order is there especially for clients using the home study system on their own. But, when you are working with a person one-on-one to guide them through the process, you can mix it up for that particular person’s needs. Your goal is to provide what they need to achieve their goals, so customizing the steps for each client is perfectly acceptable.

Your Client Attraction Assignment.

Have you been using your proprietary system with private clients? What have you noticed that works or doesn’t work? What adjustments can you make that will help your clients and make things easier for you as you take them through your system? Make note of what you tried, so you can put the successful nuggets to work for you again in the future.

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