Two million apps are present in the App Stores for both Google and iOS. It means that getting your app approved is a very rigorous process. Additionally, with app development being an expensive investment, it’d be a complete failure if the app doesn’t appeal to the target audience.

So, while getting an idea is a simple feat, getting it validated is a whole other ball game. As an entrepreneur, you have tons of innovations running through your head. But the question is whether the people need that innovation.

It’s daunting having to filter your ideas for the one that will survive the competitive app development market. So, before you seek a development agency like cubix, here are a few tips to help you validate your idea:

Talk to the Intended Users
Whether it is top businessmen or high school students, kids below the age of five or expecting mothers, only they can best let you know what they need in an app. Conduct surveys, browse community websites like Reddit and Quora, and see what’s the buzz. Ask yourself:

• How significant is the problem your app will solve?
• How often does the problem surface for your users?
• Is there a solution to their problem in the market? Are they satisfied with it?
• Is the solution you offer worth investing for the audience?

These questions will give you an insight into the users’ minds to know where’s the gap in the demand and supply market that your app can fill.

Study Your Competitors
Competitive analysis is an essential part of app development. You need to study your competition to learn not just from their success, but also their failures.
For app validation, competitive analysis and survey of the App Stores will show you whether an app similar to yours already exists, the app’s ranking, and user reviews.

Research Your Keywords
First, list the keywords your audience will use to find your app, then research the traffic on those phrases or words. Analyze the traction they receive, and it will tell you if people are searching for something similar to your app idea.

Create a Landing Page
A landing page is a single-page website like a document where your users can interact with your app idea. Add a description of the app, screenshots, and a subscription form.

Validate Your App!
Another way to get your app approved is to share it on review sites. You can see how your users react to the idea and make use of the feedback to modify or change the app design.

Apply these tactics and get the application validated before moving on to the development stage!

Author's Bio: 

Olivia Marie works as a senior marketing expert and a digital content producer at Cubix; a Florida based software Development Company. She holds a broad experience in digital marketing and loves to write on the latest marketing and technical subjects.