Whether you have to make up a resolution or you want to make it a habit to wake up early, you will not succeed by using the traditional alarm clock.

There are many other options that you can easily follow to wake up early without losing your happy and fresh mood. So, here are the most important tips how you can wake up gently and improve your wake-up experience.

Prepare Your Body: The foremost thing to wake up early is to prepare your body to stay motivated towards early wake-up habit. In the initial days, you might struggle with this practice, but once you make up your mind, it will become convenient to follow the same habit.

Use Smart Alarm: Gone are the days when you were bounded to use the physical alarm clock and fake the annoying sound, disturbing your sleep and degrade your mood. Today, you have numerous alarm clock apps which are smart and have a wake-up light that keeps your mood positive. An alarm clock app is specially programmed to increase its sound and wake up light that slowly brings you out of the sleep and wake you up in a healthy manner.

Consider Sunlight at Morning: According to Jacopo D'Alessandris, Vice-President of Marketing North America, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, light is an important element of daily wake up cycle. There are people who find it hard to wake up with the annoying alarm sound. Hence slowly increasing wake-up light gives them better support to wake up early.

No More Snooze: The biggest features that have become a big trouble for the people is, availability of a snooze button that reschedule the alarm. This makes your body and mind lazy, which is never suggested for anyone. It’s important to omit the snooze and peel of the blanket from your bed to introduce a healthy morning with your body and mind. The more you avoid snooze feature, the better will be the wakeup experience that you want to have every single morning.

Take Care of Your Daily Diet: Diet plays an integral part in your body and health. Whatever you eat is directly affect your body. Those who are more prone to eating fast food, experience various health issues, resulting in sleepless nights and insomnia. That’s why taking care of your daily diet is important alongside your health. Your diet must include additional minerals and nutrients that can make your body strong and enhance your immune system.

Add Exercise During Early Hours: The best and most effective task after you wake up is healthy workout (jogging, running, yoga, aerobics, etc) that relax your body and charge it with the fresh and clean environment. You are free to choose any workout format and make your body feel fresh as soon as you wake up in the morning. But make sure, you don’t add heavy weight lifting in your routine, as it will degrade your health.

So, these are some of the daily routine ideas that most of you generally miss in your daily life, but is important to improve your daily wake-up experience.

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