Meditation has many benefits which you can all harvest. For men, meditation can increase the testosterone levels which mean you can manage bigger muscles, get stronger muscles and more energy. Meditation can as well help men up their game in bed. Most men will not talk about it but the fact remains majority of them don’t have strong muscles to maintain their game in bed. With meditation, men can get a healthy libido and can produce more testosterone and have the ability to last longer in bed.

Meditation also activates your parasympathetic nervous system which will later trigger relaxation. What this means is that through meditation, you will manage your stress and anxiety. Everyone that meditates agrees that meditation rejuvenates your morning which means you have a more comfortable day. Meditation makes your whole body and mindset better. However, majority of us don’t know how to balance between works, family, social life and meditation. This is the reason why most of them have choose to use mindfulness app.

Even with those that want to win their day, there are some chances that the body is not ready for meditation every day of the year. This means that there are some times when you want to meditate in the morning but the body is not awake yet. In such cases, the practice will not be as bracing as it is other days.

With that in mind, there’s need to practice wake up meditation which will help you start the day on a high note. Here, we have a 5-minuite mindful meditation practice which you can take as soon as you wake up to make sure your mind is focused the right way. The practices will also energize the body before you start practicing meditation.

Body and Breathe

Immediately you wake up from your bed, take time to focus on your body and breathe. This is the time when you are allowing your body to make a clear cut between dreaming and waking. Focus until you feel your body rise and fall with the breath. You also have to listen to how your breath feels. Listen to determine whether your breath is in the chest or the lower abdomen.

Rise and attend to your needs

It’s now time to soothingly roll over to one elevation and rise slowly. As you wake, pause in each transition listening to the way you breathe and the way your body feels. After this, you can move on with your morning routines. Do what you need to do whether washing your face, bath or even brushing your teeth. After this, return to your bed side and sit calmly.

Single knee to Chest

This is one of the best movements that warm up your back and the hips. Start on the floor by lying down next to your bed, on your back. The legs should be straight and arms straight. Palms should be on the floor and the head facing the ceiling. Now start inhaling slowly as you bring your knee up towards your chest. Take the knee with both hands and take it to the chest. Now exhale and switch your legs and eventually bring your left leg towards your chest.

Dynamic Bridge

Here is another movement you can take to warm up your spine and eventually relieve the tension that has already accumulated throughout the night. Place the arms a few inches from your body flat to the ground. The palms should be facing down. What follows is to place the feet to the floor under bent knees. The back should be flat so that the body will feel centered and balanced.

When you are inhaling, you should be lifting your hips up towards the ceiling. This will create a straight line from your knees to the thighs to the chest. Now exhale and lower the hips simultaneously.


This is the additional movement that will continue to warm the spine. Start by slowly bringing your knees to your chest and gently roll over to your side. Place the hands on the ground below your shoulders. The knees should be on the ground beneath the hips. The back should be straight and the head forward. Drop your belly as you exhale.

Dynamic Mountain

With this movement, the blood will flow throughout the body while warming the upper body. To do this, you should be in a standing position and stand with your feet. Though, the feet should be hip-width apart and face forward. As you inhale, bring the arms forward and up. When you are exhaling, turn the palms out and bring the arms back down to the sides. Repeat the same at least 5 times to maximize the benefits.

Mindful Mountain

You now have a chance to tune into your body. To start on it, bring your hands to your sides. You should be standing tall and relaxed. You should now spare some time to pause in mountain pose. You should be calm enough to notice the physical sensations in your body which are the coolness, heartbeat, and the heart rising. You should also take time to prickling in your feet or hands, and observe additional sensations such as tingling and soreness and achiness.

Side sways

The entire body will be invigorated with this movement. To start on it, reach your arms up as you inhale. When you are exhaling, turn your right palm outwards and bend towards the right. As you do this, you are also supposed to be bringing your hand down to your side and arch your left hand over the head. Exhale repeat on the left side at least 3 times.

Seated Mindfulness meditation

Lastly, we are going to talk about this movement that you can take while sited on a chair. Take a chair in your bedroom and sit on it. You can as well sit at one side of your bed and everything else will follow. The feet should be on the ground and the hands rested on the thighs. Now your attention should go to the breathing and count five as you inhale and five as you exhale. Take a break for about 2 minutes and pause in stillness. Now allow your natural breath to return.

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