Men and women of all societies wear different varieties of outfit. The dressing pattern is seen to vary from place to place. As time changed people of different societies and religion began to develop their own style of dressing. It also represented the social status of a person. In India saree is one of the most popular clothing women wear. There are many different varieties of saree in India. A saree is simply a piece of unstitched cloth which is draped over the body in various styles. The length of sari varies from 4 yards to 9 yards. The style of wearing a sari varies from place to place. Over 80 different ways of wearing a sari are known.

The common method of draping a sari is wrapping it over the waist, the loose end of the drape being worn over the shoulder and baring a midriff. One of the other famous styles is the Gujarati style. Whereas the people of Kerala wear a two piece sari and is called as the Malayalee style.

For wearing a sari two essential requirements are a petticoat and a blouse. Petticoat is a garment tied tightly to the waist using a draw-string. It usually is chosen so that it matches the base color of the sari. A blouse is a stitched piece of cloth of tight fitting and ends just below the bust. It also has the same color of the sari. Nowadays saris usually come along with blouse pieces. A blouse may be sleeved or sleeveless with different varieties of neck lines.

The plain upper end of the sari is then tucked into the petticoat. It should be tucked at a position little to the right of the navel. The lower end of the sari should be touching the floor. Now wrap it once around yourself so that the sari again comes to your right side in the front. Now make about 5 to 7 pleats of equal width starting at the tucked end. Gather the pleats together and tuck it just beneath your navel so that the pleats are even and just off the ground. While tucking, ensure that it opens at your left. Pin it using a safety pin so that it is not scattered.

Drape the remaining sari again once around yourself from left to right. Hold the top end of the sari on your hand and again take pleats of equal length. Raise it carefully bringing it over your left your shoulders so that the sari falls to your knee-length. Fasten it with your blouse using a pin. Now you have worn a sari beautifully.

The type of saree varies from region to region. There are many reputed shops where designed saries are available. All you have to do is to find a reputed shop and get the saree which suits you the most.

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