Fear Not

By Ron Ross

Belize is a small country located on the southern border of Mexico. My wife and I went there a few years ago to look at some land and buildings offered to us at a bargain price. We rented a car and drove to the property but once we saw it the reason for our trip was over. We knew instantly that we didn’t want the property even if it was free!

No problem! Now we had a few days to relax on the beach and see the sights of this interesting little country.

The next day we took a drive to Belmopan, the capital city of Belize. On the way we could see some “mountains” only a few miles away. The brochures and maps said they were beautiful and we could see some unique wildlife if we were lucky. The mountains were covered with lush-green trees and did look interesting, but to us they didn’t look beautiful, they looked sinister, creepy, even threatening.

My wife said with finality, “We’re not going to drive through those mountains – they look too scary to me! Stay right on this road.” I agreed and once we finished our quick tour of Belmopan (not worth the visit) we returned to our hotel in Belize City.

A few weeks later back in America we were talking to some other folks who also had been to Belize. We told them about the sinister looking mountains and they laughed out loud. “They’re beautiful,” they said, “Your irrational fear caused you to miss the best part of your trip!”

They were right. Our fear of the mountains kept us from hearing the howler monkeys or from the possibility of seeing any of the famous Belize leopards.

Fear can be both good and bad.

Rational fear is necessary to our survival. It keeps us from doing foolish things such as crossing a busy highway without looking. But irrational fear can keep us from trying something new, taking advantage of an opportunity, moving to another town, applying for a better job, venturing into business for ourselves, or driving through some beautiful mountains.

You might have seen the acrostic based on the word FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real. Remember that acrostic when you feel your mouth dry out, your brow furrow, your eyes widen, and your palms sweat. Check out your fears with clear vision and sober logic. The great scientist Marie Curie said, “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.”

In their great little book The Power of Focus (a book you should read) authors Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Leslie Hewitt say, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

What do you want that fear is keeping you from getting? Are your irrational fears causing you “to miss the best part of your trip?” Is fear keeping you stuck in the mud? If so, I have for you two words: Fear not!

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