Every relationship experiences up and downs and goes through difficult stages. Sometimes you are incapable of handling them and you break up with your boyfriend. But some time later, you realize that your ex-boyfriend was the perfect one for you and you are ready to do anything to get back your ex- boyfriend.

Here are few tips as to how to win back your ex-boyfriend:

Figure Out the Reason

First of all you need to very seriously decide why you need him back and why did you break up with him? If cheating or abusing were one of the reasons for break up and there is future possibility of all that happening again, then you better think hard again about getting back together. Also, if you need him back just for sake of filling up the void space of a boyfriend without any serious inclinations then you think better of it.

Choosing a Good Approach

When you approach your ex-boyfriend for patch up, the first words you tell him will be very important. Do not approach with crying and pleading him to come back to you. This will irk him; will give fewer reasons to reconsider your relationship and push him away from you. Choose your words carefully, with prudent and logical tone.

Try to Be Like Before

Recall your features and attitude which attracted him towards you. Try to be the same person again with whom he fell in love with. What changes in you caused the break-up? What was the reason that distances started building up between you too? Try to work on all these facts and get things normal as before. Display a positive attitude in front of him.

Invite Him to be Friends

Do not rush in getting him back as a lover from beginning itself and try to get your ex back fast. Talk out things with him and ask him just to be normal friends. Keep in touch with him. Show affection gradually and display intimacy towards him. Dress up the way he likes and show care for his choice. But see to it that you do not get irritatingly suggestive.

Take Help of Past

Visit your usual hang outs with him. Call him with goody names you used when you were together. Try to relive the past and evoke same emotions in him again. Let him know you still care about him and always there for him.

So, take up a positive approach and confidently try to win back your love. Give him that friendly smile and ignore all the problems that occurred between you two.

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