It sounds bizarre but it is also true; one can really win back ex boyfriend or girlfriend without putting too many efforts into it. In essence; winning back is not very difficult either as difficult is retaining the boyfriend or girlfriend for long after the reunion. With breakup making both the partners cautious they will start easily seeing the holes in each other that were hidden from their sight blinded by love and attraction initially and that will mark the beginning of the rift and a possible all time breakup.

Less Effort Does Not Mean Bad Effort

In the quest to win back your love it is also essential that you do not get involved in some bad moves that will hamper your chances of winning back your love. When after a breakup the lover starts making sweet gestures like sending flowers, giving notes, or telephoning time and again, it hits the girlfriend like a slap since she did not get them when she wanted them; before the breakup. It will only reaffirm her decision to leave you for good.

Getting Desperate and Promising Changes

A great mistake on the part of the lover trying to get his ex-girlfriend back would be –

• Getting desperate and trying anything and everything.

• Making promises that he and things will change for better now onwards.

• Your desperation gives the girlfriend upper hand and she is no hurry to comeback.

If You Really Want to Win Back Your Ex

If you really want to win back your ex then stop all these behaviors and promising. Even if you have committed some of these mistakes, you must refrain from making more of them. So how do you go for it? The first thing to observe would be keeping your behavior perfectly normal and do not show your anxiety or grief, not before your ex in any case.

Inspiring Possessiveness and Jealousy

This exactly means that your ex should feel that you are not going overboard or losing your life to get her back and you can still lead a happy and normal life without her. She could even feel that you may easily drift towards someone else thanks to her apathy and that will push the emotional button inherent in women; that of possessiveness and jealousy.

What other way would be left for her but to run back to your arms?

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