You've been sitting in a deep puddle of emotions since the break up. You have trouble doing everything from getting out of bed to talking on the phone with friends. That's why it's even more devastating when you hear that your ex girlfriend has already moved on and met someone else. Naturally it's confusing and emotionally unbearable to hear this. You can't stand the thought of her falling in love with someone else when you care so much for her. That's why you need to pull yourself together and start working on winning her back. You can absolutely get her back from another guy if you understand the unexpected way to make it happen.

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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Your first thought when you want to get her back from another guy is going to be to sabotage their relationship. The idea of finding some dirt on him that you can present to her is tempting, isn't it? It will surely backfire in your face though. Trying to taint his image in her eyes isn't going to win you any accolades from her. In fact, it's going to do the opposite. She'll see your antics as childish and self serving and she'll stop talking to you for good. Whatever you do, don't fall into the trap of trying to criticize him for your benefit.

Instead, you have to take a much more mature approach to steal her back from another guy. You need to establish a new connection between her and you. Since the position of her boyfriend is temporarily being filled by the new guy, you're going to become the very best platonic friend to her that you can be. That means that you're going to show her that you can be and want to be accepting of her new relationship.

Be cordial and genuinely friendly when you meet her new boyfriend. Don't make jokes at her expense or talk about things that only pertain to you and your ex in front of him. Treat him as you would any new person you meet. She'll be impressed by your maturity and understanding.

Over the course of the next few weeks you're going to establish yourself as a supportive presence in the life of your ex girlfriend. Don't contact her every day, but do call her once or twice a week to touch base. Keep the conversations on a friendship level but ensure she knows that you're there anytime she needs you. She'll begin to open up to you again and in time, when her new relationship starts to show wear and tear, you'll be the one she turns to for comfort.

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You are in a dilemma soon after the breakup as you realize that you want her back in your life and don't want to loose her to some other guy. Winning her back is not so difficult if you take certain crucial steps so that she is once again yours.

Give yourself a break
Take off to someplace soon after the breakup to clear you head and to remain away from your ex for sometime. Give her time to think things over and miss you too. She might get curious when she does not see you at your usual hang outs.

Come back with a makeover
Take steps to improve your looks during the break which will not only make you look great but will boost your confidence too. You could try a new hair-style or a revamped wardrobe to make an impression on her and to get her to notice you.

Let her see you enjoying even without her
These are the psychological tricks to get your ex girl friends attention. Let her see you having a good time at a party without her. This makes her want to be with you and not miss out on all the fun that she had with you.

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Offer to help her
You know her well from the past so you are aware of her weak points too; offer to help her with something that you know she will welcome, maybe a tough assignment or drop her to her office if that is what she needs. Do little things for her without compromising on your self respect and with time you will win her trust and friendship.

Share your achievements with her
You can send her a mail to let her know if you have achieved your targets in your work place or if you have taken any exam you can share your success with her. Let her know that you want to share it with her because she knows how hard you had worked for it. It is a nice way to impress without being pompous.

Become friends with her friends
If you have common friends you can talk to them about your ex girlfriend and that you miss her. Cultivate friendship with her girlfriends in an attempt to reach your ex, when they tell her positive things about you and that you miss her, she may revaluate her opinion about you.

Reach out to her
Trying to get together after breakup can be awkward but make an attempt to take the first step. Maybe she is waiting for you to take the initiative and say hello to her.

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Even though it has been some time now that you have broken up with your ex, you feel like there is no one else you would rather be with! These exciting ways will help you make your dreams and desires a reality in a very short while. Follow these tips and you will become so attractive to her that she will want to get her hooks into you!

Don't call or try to find out how she is
The trick is to make her feel that you are not desperate to get her back. Stop all your calls and messages that made her think that you would do anything to get her back. If you stop communicating she is bound to become very inquisitive about you and your present activities.

Look thrilled to be free as a bird
The one thing that will make her tense and wonder if she has lost you for good is to see you looking thrilled to be free to date again. Don't let her notice that you are putting on an act for her benefit. Let her believe that if she did not do something to get you back, she might never have the chance again.

Be seen at all the "in" places
Don't sit on the sidelines waiting for something to happen. Sitting and moping at home will only make things worse and delay the reconciliation. She has to be convinced that you are getting on with your life and loving every moment of it! If she sees you socializing and enjoying yourself she might try to attract you back.

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Be seen in the company of attractive girls
If there is anything that will egg her on to try and chase you, it will be the sight of many sexy and attractive girls around you. Make sure that you are seen in the company of these belles and you can be sure that she will try to compete and vie for your attention like the rest of them.

Make the girls talk about you in a positive manner
Don't fool yourself that she is uninterested about you. Whether you believe it or not, she is going to be wondering about you and this is going to make her ears itch! She will try to glean a lot of information about you and when she hears other females praise and admire you, she will want you back!

Give her friends more attention
Do you realize that the fastest way to make her chase you is to make her jealous? Give her friends more attention. Pay them compliments and ogle them when she is around. She will hate the thought of you hitting on her best friend!

Look fabulous and eligible
Jog her memory and take her down memory lane when you used to share precious moments together. If you manage to look even sexier and gorgeous than you used to when you dated her, she will want to chase you all the more!

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Your boyfriend was cool at first, taking you out square dancing and buying you shrimp salad. Now it seems that if he's turned into a boy-enemy as he kicks you with his clogs and spills marinara sauce on your nice dress. Either way, you like his peculiar quirks so follow these steps to get your ex back now.

Step 1: With The Help Of A New Dude: The biggest ally you can find in getting your ex back quickly is if you start dating the kid from the shrimp salad bar. Be careful not to break this poor guy's heart but if your mission is solely getting back your ex, outside influences definitely help.

Step 2: Guys Are Tough: Guys are tough eggs to crack, whether they've manipulated the system or are just too dumb to figure things out remains to be seen. Make sure you don't get frustrated in your quests because your new V-neck sweater might not be catching his eye because he simply hasn't turned away from the X-Box yet.

Step 3: Keep Him In Mind: When you're trying to get your ex back, remember to focus your attack on pleasing them. Like we said, you can don a new low cut blouse and a mini skirt but unless you literally walk an inch away from his face he might not take notice.

What if your lover already left you? Here's how to get them back.

Step 4: Pass Milestones: You don't need to go from a heartbroken single person to kneeling at the altar for your wedding. Remember that each little step is important and pay attention to detail in recognizing what signals your ex is giving off.

Step 5: Don't Hate The Clock: So another Arbor Day has passed and you guys still aren't out planting trees together. Don't get frustrated by the lack of action, simply knock your moves up a few notches so that your biological egg timer doesn't beep off like a broken alarm clock.

Step 6: Pretend You Don't Want Him: The easiest way of gaining affection is not through adoration, yet indifference. If you're constantly 'liking' every single comment he posts on Facebook, you'll never gain an edge, so instead go silent for awhile the next time he posts his 'ironic movie views' or 'reality show banter.'

Step 7: Set The Date: There comes a point in getting your ex back that you need to jump off the fence. Sure Tupac might show his face after faking his death but I'm only giving him 2 more years to do so. You don't want to waste your life waiting for something to happen that never will and there's plenty of shrimp salad in the sea.

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Now you can stop your break up or lover’s rejection...even if your situation seems hopeless! Visit How to Get Your Ex Back

There are specific techniques that will show you exactly what to do and what to say to get your ex lover back in your arms- Especially if you are the only one trying... Visit What to Say to Get Your Ex Back to find out more.

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