Chances to get your love back are always on peak, if you just broke up. You may find numerous reasons of getting your love back but what's the use if you keep it to them. Both the partners have equal right to put their efforts to win their love. You really need to stay focus and confident to win back your love.

Few common things to get your love back:

Don't get discouraged and confused about how to do that. Do not bring controversies into act.
You should know that every person has their own love language; this means that an individual has different notions and ideas about love and if you express love that she is not hoping or expecting, you will really loose them.
Be patient and have trust within you. Your love is the key root of your relationship. Without love no one can stand in front either. Winning back love after a break-up, separation, or other conflict in a relationship takes time. You can prove, day by day, that you are different and able to provide what is needed in the relationship.
Never expect your love to be back without any changes. You need to commit yourself and trace a path of new learning's. Your partner is expecting overall changes which could relate to your social life, habits, work and spending time with your family.
Communication is at the best method for successful relationships, over time we tend to talk less and argue more. Do your best to control your emotions and understand the consequences if you don't. Learn how to win love back and keep a hold of it for good.
Many people find themselves emotionally drained and scared after a break up, whether they instigated it or not. There are ways to use those feelings to your advantage. Sometimes the situation can be reversed with a single idea.
Though the chances of meeting might be less, even if you face each other \, don't over react. Be kind towards your love. This is not the right time to ask any question about your relationship and avoid pointing out. Surround your love with blossoms and talk healthy so that he or she may get into loving moments you experienced together.

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It's natural to behave unwillingly after a breakup. Nothing remains same and it becomes more difficult to win back my ex . What becomes more critical is: how to win love back ? Even though you feel you win my ex back but its hard to believe whether you love the same way as before breakup.