People say that relationships would end up successful if two people are willing to understand each other despite of the differences in their character. However, there are times wherein men could not understand the traits and behavior of their girlfriend, and ended up leaving her just because they grew tired in trying to comprehend their personality. But what if you realize afterwards that you are still in love with your girlfriend and that you still want to give your relationship another chance? Here are the best advices for you.


Even though you believe that it is not your fault why the relationship failed, you should still be willing to make the first move in apologizing if you still want your girl back. There are times where men find it difficult to apologize especially if it was not their fault. But saying sorry to your girl will actually do a lot of good things for you and your relationship, and this might actually be the reason for your girlfriend to win you back into her life.


Experts would always say that communication is very important in solving whatever problems you have in your relationship. So if you are still willing to fix the broken relationship with your ex, then you must do the first move in talking to her and express your love and affection to her. Let her know that you still feel the same way even after the breakup and ask her to give yourselves another chance to work things out.

Open-up to Her Friends

Unlike boys, girls would often run to their group of friends whenever they are faced with problems, especially when it comes to matters relating to the heart. And therefore, her friends are surely aware about what you two are going through and they also know about what your ex is feels about the breakup. Therefore, they are the best persons that you can run to if you want to ask opinions on whether your ex is still open about the possibility of reconciling with you.

Give Her Time

If your ex girlfriend would tell you that she is still not ready to start another relationship, then don’t force her, but tell her that you are willing to wait for the right time. But while still waiting for that right moment to come, ask your ex girlfriend to be friends with you so you can still show her how much you care and love her. This will be your chance to woo her back, just like what you did before when you first asked her to be your girlfriend.

Winning your ex girlfriend back is never easy, especially if you have done something that hurt her. But if you are really determined to win her back into your life, then follow the advices above and be persistent in showing her how much you still love her. But if your ex would tell you that she is no longer interested to have you back in your life, then you must learn to let go and move on.

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