The majority of the articles I read list tell-tale strategies on how to win your ex-girlfriend back. Some of the suggestions are really good and logical. However, a select few sound very vague. It seems like everything boils down to luck and chance.

Winning your ex-girlfriend back is not only about waiting for her to approach you or enticing her from a distance. It involves serious thinking. It involves being realistic about the conditions in front of you. It involves taking logical decisions you won't regret in future.

So, if you're looking for tips and guidance on how to win back an ex-girlfriend, you can read my short post. I hope it helps.

Should you try to win her back in the first place?

Whether you should try and win your ex-girlfriend back or not depends entirely upon the reason for the break-up. There are forgivable mistakes, as well as those that are beyond repair. If your girlfriend (now ex) cheated on you with another guy, it makes no sense struggling to win her back. What guarantee do you have that she won't leave you again if she spots someone more attractive and interesting?

Another type of girlfriend you should let go of is one who was with you only for the expensive gifts you showered her with and not for love.

Now, speaking of reconcilable relationships, it has been noted that most relationships end in a fit of anger. Maybe you were treating her badly (work pressure and stress being the main culprits), and when she questioned you about it, you got agitated and angrily told her that you needed some space. Many a time, girls walk out of relationships because they doubt their feelings. They do not derive the same satisfaction and happiness they used to when the relationship was new. These are the relationships that you can always rekindle. While I cannot categorize reconcilable and irreconcilable relationships into water-tight compartments, I request that you take enough time to make this decision.

Acknowledge your mistakes

After staying away from your girlfriend and dwelling upon the mistakes of the past relationship, it is time to talk to her about it. If you're responsible for the breakup, if your behavior has caused its untimely death, then take it upon yourself to say sorry. Remember that saying sorry does not make you small. In fact, she will respect you for your humility. Such behavior will also build confidence. Instead of directly rekindling your relationship, be good friends.

Read the silent signs

While some girlfriends will state that they have moved on and wouldn't like to hold onto you, not all do it the same way. Thus, reading signs is one of biggest clues. How does she behave in your presence? Is she restless, or does she sit back and hear what you have to say? How does she respond to your messages and calls? Does she ignore them or pick up every time? Is her attitude towards you very cold, or do you surmise from her behavior that she still cares? These signs and many more will tell you whether winning your ex-girlfriend back will be a worthwhile decision. You can also speak to your mutual friends to find out what is actually happening in her life.

Be ready to change

Nothing is possible if you are not ready to make any kind of compromise on your part. Be ready to change and work on your weaknesses. It will be of great help, especially if your relationship broke down on account of such weaknesses. For example, if she wanted you to be ambitious about life and you weren't.

Nothing will change the truth

If, after all your efforts, she tells you clearly that she does not like you anymore and does not see a future with you, accept the truth and move on. Stop thinking how to win your ex-girlfriend back; that would be the best for you.

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