How To Win Your Husband From His Mother: How To Control Husband From His Mother

The issue of mother-in-laws is one which many wives wish does not exist in marriages. This is because it is the bane of many ailing in most marriages.

Many daughters-in- law dislike their husband's mother and very few daughters-in- law have something good to say about their mothers-in- law. How come some spinsters wish they marry a man without a mother? The issue is that many wives see their mothers-in-law as overbearing, busybodies, and their greatest rival.

The question here is, are mothers-in-law really bad?

Findings have shown that there is usually an unending raging conflict between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law. There are two parties to the conflict - the wife and her husband on one hand and the mother-in-law on the other hand.

The Wife and Her Husband

Many wives especially in Africa come into marriage fully prepared for battle based on the pre-conceived notions that mothers-in-law are evil and must be put to their right places. Hence, they have formed an opinion of their in-laws and have concluded that in-laws are antagonists.

A wife will believe that once her husband marries her, he must abandon his families and cleave unto her, then back it up with a bible verse which says "A man will leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife". By their faulty interpretation of this scripture, they seem to forget that the same scripture commands that the man must honor his parents. He must continue to relate with them and provide for them. However, the relationship with them should not allow unnecessary interference in his marital affairs.

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Unfortunately, relations especially in Africa interfere unnecessarily in marital affairs. No parent or relation has the right to meddle in the marital affair of their son or else the son grants them the power to do so. But unfortunately such powers when given are abused. A man who allows undue interference in his marriage is consciously or unconsciously setting the stage for a conflict especially where his wife detests such interference.

Mothers-in-law fail to realize that once their son gets married, they take the back seat while the wives take the front seat in their sons' lives.

The Mother-in-Law

A mother-in-law wants to be loved and accepted by her son even after he gets married. She wants to remain relevant in his life and be treated as a priority. Some mothers-in-law who have had rough and difficult marriages will probably fight hard to protect their sons.

A wife must therefore learn to tolerate, accommodate, and love her in-laws. She must be humble, friendly and show some respect to her in-laws.

How to tackle this rift.

It is important to know that the relationship with one's in-laws is a sensitive one that requires humility and tactical ways to handle without rupturing it.

It is also important to know that marital relationship is a strong one that needs a lot of patience and understanding. It is now the husband's role to ensure he plays his role effectively to manage the two women in his life without hurting either of them. He has the duty to protect his wife and also take care of his mother. He is the middleman between these two women and therefore needs a lot of wisdom to strike a balance between them.

It is the duty of the wife to maintain cordial relationship with her in-laws to give peace chance in her marriage. Maybe we don't know, a man will love and respect his wife if she loves his mother and shows it with lots of respect and humility.

Finally, the couple must ensure they guard carefully and protect their marriage against external attacks.

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If you hate conflict, you could spend a long time stewing in your anger before you express it to the person who caused it. By then, your anger may have built to levels beyond reason. Or maybe you zipped off an e-mail, comforted by the fact that technology helped you avoid a face-to-face confrontation. But sometimes your relationships need that personal conversation to clear things up and move on to more enjoyable interaction. The trick is to do it without becoming so angry that you lash out and hurt the person you love.

A lot of us bottle up our anger, which is not a good thing. But it IS a good idea to think before you explode at your partner or friend. Think first why you need to tell this person you're angry. Is it to hurt them? Get revenge? Let's hope not. Instead, if you want to clear up the problem and get back to the close relationship you enjoy, then think before you speak.m

Wait until the anger has less of a grip on you. Wait until you can think clearly. Talk yourself down from your rage. It might help to check in with your body. Are your shoulders tight? Neck tense? Chest burning? Breathe deeply and calm down.

Ask yourself why you're really mad. Is it because of what your partner did or because of how you interpreted his or her actions? Be honest. Sometimes unflattering emotions are coloring your thinking. Like envy or jealousy. If so, you need to examine your own feelings. But if your partner truly did something to upset you then you need to talk with them.

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How to talk to the one who makes you mad:

1) Tell them why you are upset. Be direct without condemnation. Try to stick to the facts without re-igniting your anger. If your partner is continually late, stick to the issue. Don't dredge up past complaints that s/he lets the dishes pile up in the sink. That's not relevant at the moment.

2) Discover why they did what they did. Be open to your partner's point of view. Avoid being accusatory. If they did not discuss a major purchase with you before they spent the money, why was that? Perhaps they didn't think the purchase was as major as you did. Or there could be a whole host of reasons. Try to understand their motivation.

3) Focus on a solution. What could your partner do differently in the future to keep from upsetting you? Maybe you ask your partner to call you if s/he will be late. Or you have an agreement that you'll leave after waiting 10 minutes. If you need consultation before your partner makes a purchase, set a specific amount of money that requires discussion first. Whatever your solution, be as clear as possible.

Remember, your goal is to get to a place where your relationship is once again comfortable and happy. Learn what went wrong so you and your partner can behave differently in the future. And a big hug might be in order, too.

Now Listen Carefully-

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