If you have separated with your wife and you have realised you want her back then you will have to work hard to achieve this. Obviously, whether or not you can get her back will be based upon the reasons why you split up in the first place. Certain situations can't ever be repaired, while others can easily be worked on. If you want to understand how to win your spouse back, therefore, consider these basic tips.

Firstly, as stated, you do need to closely think about the reasons why you broke up. It is no good even pursuing your ex-wife if she's moved on completely or if she does not want to hear from you again. Regardless of what you would like, you can't possibly manipulate or affect her feelings towards you if she really has lost interest. Only pursue your wife should you really believe that there's something you can focus on.

At the same time you need to consider whether it's in her best interest to take you back. It might be possible for you to definitely make the most of her life situation, based upon what it is, in order to get together again. This, however, should never be carried out in a selfish way and you should only really pursue her if you believe that it's both in your and her interest. If there are children involved, it also needs to be in their best interests.

Obviously, in order to get together again you do have to demonstrate that you have changed. Any relationship will break down for certain reasons and in most cases, it takes both sides to cause this type of situation. You do, therefore need to self assess and work out what you did wrong. This will help you to work out exactly how you are able to change.

It is now simply a case of demonstrating that you have taken steps to make changes, regardless of whether this is to your personality, your lifestyle, or other things. Sit down and talk to your wife and ask her if she is prepared to give things another shot. If she says yes, you will now be in a position to demonstrate the changes you have made with time.

Never dive right back to the deep end. Whenever you do get back together it is not necessarily a good idea to start living together again and begin continuing just as you left off. It may well be a more sensible choice to begin slowly and rebuild. Start dating again, build the romance back to the relationship, and do things that you actually enjoy together.

Adding fun back to the relationship is unquestionably important. Often partnerships can get stale and this causes their breakdown. A particular department that you might need to concentrate on would be the bedroom. If your sexual relationship was going downhill, this is something you have to address.

At the end of the day, you got married in the first place for many reasons. All you have to do, therefore, if you wish to understand how to win your wife back, is to go back to where you started and show her the person that you were when you first fell in love.

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