Wooing is less of an art and more of a science. Whether or not it's your husband, boyfriend, lover, or a seeming "Unavailable Man," there are secrets that every woman needs to learn in mastering how to woo a man. Please reflect on a couple critical questions and thoughts:

- Are you confident? Confidence is sexy! Every man wants a woman that is sure of themselves. Guys don't obtain pleasure from spending time with a woman that needs constant affirmation. Know that you are amazing! Are you a couple of pounds overweight? Who cares! Several men find this attractive if only there is a high level of confidence to back it up.

- Independence is another important attribute to be used when learning how to woo a man. This is really critical in strong relationship building. The "Unavailable Man" especially finds this to be sexy. Do you find yourself seeking permission to hit the town with your girlfriends? Forget it! Of course it is essential to make your significant other know that they are number one, but it is also paramount for them to understand that you can have an enjoyable time without them.

- Gain Attraction by being Polite and Thoughtful. Are you mean to the waiter while on a date? Do you gossip badly about your family, co-workers, etc...? Why would a man find this appealing? You can try and fake congeniality but it's not going to fly. If you try this on the "Unavailable Man" he will dish it right back and take even more advantage. Learn to be a thoughtful person and you will see the male level of attraction increase significantly.

- Being Mysterious. It is a wicked turn-on and should be used in learning how to woo a man. You should not discuss every thought or emotion...BORING! If he asks you about an awkward or funny moment you don't have to spill the beans. However, be careful to only use this characteristic at the start of a relationship. Using this on a husband or boyfriend may lead them to question your faithfulness. It's, of course, the most powerful character trait to use on the "Unavailable Man."

- Let him be the Hunter and Protector and you will gain a masters degree in how to woo a man. Don't be scared to lean on him and grab his arm when going across the street. Smile shyly and ask him to help with a handyman task at your home. Ask for his protection and hold his hand tightly when the big and intimidating neighborhood dog comes your way. This character trait is so important and lets a man tune into his caveman side. This is also a strong indicator to see if he is seriously interested or just the "Unavailable Man."

- The last powerful trait in learning how to woo a man is so simple. SMILE!! Are you laughing at the jokes? You'd better be if you want to see him again. Let your eyes light up with a sparkling display of joy. This lets them know that you are genuinely happy to be with them. Besides...if you're not amused, why would you want there to be a second date anyway?

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