How To Work On Yourself During A Separation: Getting Your Life Back When You're Separated

There are no real secrets on how to save your marriage after separation. The true secret is avoiding the separation in the first place. Understand this. Separation should always be the last option. Always utilize every other option first. However, often time marriages do get to that point. When it happens it is vital to take the appropriate steps to ensure a successful opportunity to reunite.

Relationships are very complex. It is not unusual to get to the point where two people just can't seem to get along. People get divorced everyday while they are still in love. The problem is not that they don't love each other but rather that they find themselves lost. Lost in the sense that they can't seem to find that core in their marriage anymore. Communication becomes non-existent and arguments seem to never end. The result is someone suggests a separation, just for a while, so that they can get their heads straight. And so it begins.

Here is where it becomes important to know how to save your marriage after separation. First of do not allow separation to mean a time to engage in infidelity. In addition you do not want to look at a separation as a long-term solution. It is better to go visit a friend or family member for a while. The point is to take the opportunity to back up and regroup. Take the time to reevaluate the problems and search for solutions.

Knowing how to save your marriage after separation takes an assertive opportunity to reexamine your marriage vows. It is time to reflect upon all the reasons you love your soul mate. Success after separation depends a lot on the severity of the problem, your willingness to recommit to your vows and to save your marriage. Never rule out couple therapy or counseling as possible alternatives. A good marriage is worth fighting for.

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Wherever you go in the world, you'll see that marriage is held in the highest esteem by every culture. Which makes the fact "more than half of all marriages end in divorce" even more sad. Your spouse wants to divorce you but you don't want to just give in - and this is a noble thing, because it's definitely not easy to do. For this reason I want to help you, and I think I will be helpful to you, because I have gone through what you have.

I remember those days and they were the worst of my life. I used to think every day, every hour; what do you do when your spouse wants to divorce you but you don't? As time passed and I couldn't come up with anything, I became even more desperate and began to give in to my emotions, which I previously knew that would make me do the wrong things. But with a heightened state of desperation, I did those - I begged my spouse to reconsider everything. I cried.

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And this is the last thing you should do when your spouse wants to divorce you. Who wants a pathetic spouse who begs you and cries to you because you say you don't want this marriage any longer? Nobody. But when you are desperate, it's not easy to see this. You feel the urge to do something at once before your marriage is gone forever.

So what should be done when your spouse wants to divorce you? Before your emotions make you have knee-jerk reactions that you are going to regret horribly afterwards; you have to get a hold of your emotions. Do not be desperate. Know this fact and don't forget it for life: These knee-jerk reactions and the "I must do something" desperation kill more marriages than the marriage problems themselves. If you do things right, you can stop a divorce, but for that, you must first come to your senses and keep your "cool". This is the crucial first step to save your marriage.

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We know that money is very important, it is the means for us to have a life style that we want, to contribute to other people's life, to be financially free, etc... But it is also the cause of many negative things, one of that is divorce.

Why did many cases of divorce take place because of money? There are several reasons that we can think of.

1. There is not enough money earned to satisfy the needs and wants of one or both parties. First, they try to feel fine with that, and try their best to make ends meet or to be happy with what they have. Slowly, dissatisfaction and discontent set in; they start feeling unhappy and they take it out on another or on each other. Fight after fight, till they reach the point of no return.

2. One or both parties spend money uncontrollably, beyond their means. At first, one wants to please another or they want to please each other, so no harsh words are spoken between them; then the debts start growing bigger and they still cannot control their spending. When the consequences of the inability to pay their debts occur, one starts blaming the other, or both start blaming each other; if none of them owns up to their action, and both don't try to live within their means, work harder to pay the debts, then all the negative things will erode their love until there is nothing left to salvage.

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3. The wife earns more money than the husband who irrationally feels that he is belittled, less than a man, inferior to his wife, etc... which in turn cause him to feel resentment toward her, and from there the marriage goes down the hill, because every time he is with her, he is reminded of his inadequacy even though it is only in his mind. Or the wife starts losing respect for the husband who she thinks is inferior to her, treats him with that attitude, and offends his pride; eventually, their love slips away for they enjoy each other's company less and less, lose interest in each other and finally be out of love with each other.

4. One party tries to control the other one's spending. Unless it doesn't matter much, the one who is controlled will feel disrespected, inferior, untrustworthy, restricted, dissatisfied, resentful, rebellious... All these negative feelings will build up to the worst one: UNLOVED, and if the other one doesn't realize how he/she has made his/her spouse feel, or he/she does realize it but doesn't want to stop controlling, then sooner or later their union will come to part.

As stated above, money has been the cause of many negative things; but the truth is money doesn't do anything bad or good, wrong or right; we are the one who use it in any way or any how we want, and when things don't go according to our liking, we put the blame on it.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Marriage is a special union of male and female orchestrated by God himself. Before man's civilization, there was no ceremony done nor any paper signed by both parties to legalize their union. However, as years passed man has learned to come up with legalities as to both parties' rights and privileges including marital benefits and properties.

Regardless of your belief or religion you are fully aware that marriage is not only a legalization of your sexual relationship but also a sanctification of your union. It is also taking into consideration the impact of that sense of belongingness for your children and your children's children. This is a pathway of building a family which is the basic unit of society.

Common law marriage on the basis of divine sanctification has no difference with religious marriage. Both are accepted in the divine perspective as well as in our society. However, the solemnity of its ceremony obviously differs. When you marry on a Christian - based marriage covenant there is a strong conviction on both persons involved that you are meant to be; united for divine purpose and glorification; and you will both abide faithfully with each other till death part your ways.

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For most men, when they will commit to marry a woman in a religious ceremony the meaning and importance are of great impact so that no temptations nor trials along the way could ever destroy the relationship. No divorce can be considered a better alternative. Nothing and no one can ever dare separate what has been joined together by such Holy matrimony and were considered one flesh with the evidence of marriage certificate.

On the other hand, the civil marriage should have been supposedly grounded by the same convictions and impact. But the authority that solemnizes the marriage plays a vital role in the union of two individuals.

More often than not, when it's a common law marriage there is no counseling involved. Especially when both parties merely wanted that legalities of being together for the sake of the baby or to be safe from the public's ridicule. The person solemnizing the ceremony should be involved much in guiding the two individuals how to live life as one. Failure to do it means a broken future.

The most important essence of marriage is not whether it's civil nor religious, what matters most is both parties are faithfully committed to each other grounded by true love.

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