We can all get a feeling of being overwhelmed by the stresses involved in running a business. We feel the responsibility of supporting employees, subcontractors, outside consultants and our family. We work long days and long nights to keep our businesses alive and rarely do we take time out for ourselves. Internal stress can cause many illnesses which can paralyze our business. So, what are the steps we can take in our lives to correct this imbalance of work and life?

Firstly, it's important to recognize that if you are a perfectionist the ways in which it can drag yourself and your business down. Are you obsessed with small details which prevent you from accomplishing your greater goals? Fear of failure can paralyze your dreams. Reach for your dreams in your business and learn from your mistakes but keep striving to do better each time. Failure is not life or death. If you have a worry in your business write down what it is. Ask yourself what is the best thing that can happen and what is the worst thing that can happen. Either accept the risk or choose not to take the risk. Either way you have found clarity of purpose and a willingness to accept any outcome. Once you have done this you will feel a greater peace with your decision making process.
The next step in improving your work life balance is to eliminate multitasking from your business process. If you take on too many projects at once it can be easy to chastise yourself when you don't get it done properly. Also try never to ask more of yourself than what you can give from day to day. You may have great ambitions for your business and the life you want to live but reality may not always come up to those standards. It's a helpful practice to write down what aspects of your business are useful and adding value to your business (and the bottom line) and what is not useful or financially profitable. Then forgo what is not useful to your business and focus more on what is profitable.

The best way to work through the feeling of being overwhelmed in your business is to set realistic goals and work through the problems in bite sized pieces so you actually get something done and off your plate. Try to give yourself a small reward for accomplishing your goals. It can be as simple as a brisk and relaxing walk around the block or a relaxing evening with your family.

Another means toward improving your business is to have set processes in place which can improve the efficiency of the workflow. Putting structured sales processes in place can also cut down on the time it takes to close a sale and this can give you more free time to relax.

Next you want to take some time for yourself. Too many people in business work ridiculously long hours seven days a week and are not getting proper exercise or personal quiet time and have no real recreation at all. Under such conditions it's easy to feel frazzled and stuck in a rut. The best thing you can do for yourself is give yourself at least one day off a week. It will not cripple your business and you will be better energized for the work you have to do each day.

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