Have you ever worked with someone who you just don’t seem to get along with? It can make your working hours feel long and awkward, but the next step doesn’t have to mean looking for a new job. There are many approaches you can take to stay in control.

1. Set some ground rules on how you expect to be treated

Research shows that 60% to 80% of difficulties at work are caused by strained relationships, so take control by setting clear boundaries of what you won’t tolerate in your interactions.

2. Try to understand their issues fully

Be willing to put yourself in their place to understand the real issue. Humans generally listen at a 25% comprehension rate, so often it takes more effort to truly hear someone's issues.

3. Be a broken record to ensure you are heard

Being dismissed or ignored can be frustrating. Repetition can be a powerful tool, as shown in studies by Richard Petty & John Cacioppo.

4. Stay calm

90% of top performing professionals say they are skilled at managing their emotions in times of stress to look professional and actively resolve issues.

5. Change your body language

Studies show that people who use positive body language are more likable and persuasive.

6. Create a 2-way dialogue about the issues

Psychologist Daniel Goleman suggests threats to a person's self esteem in the eyes of others can literally feel like threats to survival. Create a dialogue about what you interpret to find out the whole picture.

7. Acknowledge positive change

Focusing on positive change can help colleagues to keep it up. A Gallup survey found that 67% of employees whose managers focused on their strengths were fully engaged.

8. Manage their expectations

Researchers have found that one of the most frequent causes of workplace conflict is a lack of clarity with expectations, causing frustrations and resentment to build up.

9. Choose your battles carefully

Being in dispute with a colleague is exhausting, and studies in Finland have shown it can also negatively affect those who witness it.

Difficult people at work can seem like a mountain to overcome, but with a few simple strategies and a bit of persistence, you can soon change the situation. For pro tips on how to implement these 9 points, check out the infographic from NetCredit on this subject: https://www.netcredit.com/blog/work-difficult-people/

And don’t forget that you’re adding new tools to your professional practice toolbox. Good luck!

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Mary is a freelance writer and digital nomad currently living in rainy yet wonderful London. She writes (and reads!) about personal growth, productivity in the workplace, self improvement, and the importance of work/life balance and how to achieve it.