This morning I drove about an hour to visit with my mom. When I arrived, she was still out running errands so I decided to hang out with my grandfather who lives on the family land. He is an amazing woodworker and was in his workshop building a small table.

I spent about forty-five minutes talking with him and catching up on recent events. During that whole time, I helped him wipe up glue, fasten clamps, and hold spiral pieces together. I thought how nice it was to have the tools that he uses to create gorgeous pieces of furniture.

Tools used by professionals such as carpenters, mechanics, or even chefs can serve the purposes of easing the work process or helping to beautify the results. More than likely you've incorporated tools and techniques along the way to facilitate the crafting and completion of projects.

We're all grateful for calculators, computers, and smart phones for the conveniences they provide. Along with these devices, I thought about the various methods and skills I've learned and integrated into my daily life over the years.

As an avid seeker of personal development knowledge and a self-proclaimed nerd, I've amassed a large array of practices to improve the flow and enhance my experience here on Earth.

Some of these tricks of the trade have proven to be extremely powerful in causing major shifts in different life areas. Even those that were subtle in effect offered valuable insights to my alignment with my higher self and to the overall direction of my path.

I've come to appreciate with great humility the gifts that other teachers have made available to humanity. From fascinating approaches to forgiveness like the Hawaiian prayer of ho'oponopono to incredible releasement ceremonies using elements of nature, I have tried numerous ways to clear away resistance and generate a more relaxed and harmonious life.

If there is a specific aspect of your life that you can't seem to heal or overcome, perhaps you just need a tool or practice to shift the energy and produce much-needed momentum. If you're struggling with weight issues, romantic relationships, or financial problems, there are some practical as well as energetic applications you can learn.

These tools can increase your vibrational alignment with what is naturally effortless and accessible. You have the opportunity to gain insight, open your mind to greater possibilities, and CHOOSE alternate thoughts, actions, and solutions.

Remember that these gifts are available. You just have to take the initiative to learn and include them in your self-care routines. To give you an idea of how easy some of these practices are, my ten-year-old daughter works with at least three a day.

For example when tension arises within her friendship circle or if she needs to remember an answer for a test, she opens her metaphorical chest of goodies and calls upon them for assistance. I remind her that with these skills, she becomes empowered and personally resourceful to create change and achieve better results.

~ Be the bliss, Alice

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Alice enjoys teaching others about personal and spiritual development. Visit her on Facebook at Alice Landry - Wealth & Wisdom.