It takes a bit of time and typically some research as well to write a blog post, but your time is wasted if nobody reads it! The fact is that when writing for people on the internet a good blogger must concern themselves not only with content quality but attracting readers as well! These are considerations every blog administrator must concern themselves with if they want a large and loyal following!

Here is a 5 point check list you can follow to insure that people will both see and love what you posted to your blogging platform!


In many cases content quality often refers to how informative the subject matter may be to readers! Since you already know what the interests are of the people you are targeting, it is simply a matter of keeping them 'informed' of any new developments or late breaking news pertaining to their interests! People typically seek information to learn more about their favorite topics and if you can offer your readers this type of information, it will most certainly catch their eye and keep their interest!


Trying to develop reader loyalty requires you 'repeatedly' stick to subject matter of relevance to what these people like! Although occasionally veering off topic when creating blog posts may attract some new readers, it will not help to further develop the loyalty of those who are already reading your updates! This simply results in wasted effort on your part and any good blogger knows that working efficiently is the best way to develop a large and loyal following when blogging on your own!

Search Engine Friendly

Although recent changes with the search algorithm at Google emphasize content quality over proper keyword use, you still want to target the right words and phrases to 'help' search engines find your content! Overlooking the assistance of search engines to bring you highly targeted traffic by simply using the appropriate words or phrases is foolish and maybe even a bit lazy! The traffic is there for you to tap into, so don't ignore this 'free' help! On the other hand if you're just too lazy to locate and place the right keywords, it is not very likely you'll be blogging for too long before you decide to quit!


Even the best ideas or well written posts MUST be promoted if you want maximum exposure! When writing for people on the internet you MUST make sure readers are aware you've posted something new! Failure to promote your blog will only succeed in your platform fading off into oblivion no matter how great your writing skills, anecdotes or witticisms may be! Sharing links at social sites, article marketing and even press releases are all great ways to increase your exposure online!


The subject you based your posting efforts on should be presented in such a way that readers have NOT seen before! Introducing intrigue or a different perspective is a great way to make your writing efforts go viral! The fact of the matter is no matter what topic you choose to write about, it is unrealistic to expect there will always be something new to post! Your overall success when writing for people as a blogger will rely in part upon being able to take 'old' news and present it in a 'new' way! Whether you intentionally take a new stance on a topic or even 'inject' your opinions based upon your experience, you are creating something unique!

In order to write a blog post that readers will love a good blogger knows it goes beyond simply the content quality! When writing for people on the internet you'll also need to get their attention because no matter how good what you wrote may be, if nobody knows of its existence, it won't be seen! The 'check-list' offered above is meant to help you not only produce great reading material but also to promote your posts effectively to gain maximum exposure online!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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