A resume is something that has the full potential of getting you a job. The reason behind it is simple, your resume does the rounds in various organizations and to different employers. They judge your personality through it and thus one should lay substantial importance to the resume. Resume templates make your job easier as a candidate and for the recruiter too, because they are designed to cater to both of you. The recruiter needs clear and systematic information and the candidate needs to put in all his details in a way that recruiters would like to see. Talking of nursing resume template in particular, one should know the job profile and then accordingly write the resume.

It is necessary to highlight one's expertise in handling certain duties and responsibilities. Highlight the nursing skills and the area of medical expertise in the resume. Referring to a sample nursing resume template will help you understand the essence of writing the resume well. The following is an example of nursing resume of a candidate who is looking for a job in the critical care unit.

Portia Ben
Sun West, Flower Villa
New York (125) 47854
Phone - 323-911-3219
E-Mail Address

Objective - This section is the selling proposition point which should be used wisely and drafted with care. Highlight your ambitions and skills along with it. For example, looking for an outlet to use my deftness as a nurse in the critical care unit, post operative and handle some administrative duties as well.

Qualifications - Make use of either short paragraphs or listing format in the soft copy and see to it that the formatting is done uniformly. Also, include a section of professionally specific skills and name it as nursing skills.

Professional Experience - When writing down the experience section, ensure you provide all details like the name of the organizations you have served in, the address (at least the name of the city), the tenure and designation you held, etc. In case you have been promoted in an organization over the period of time, do mention that too.

Education - Start with the latest certification or degree you have had.

References - This section is surely important in a resume and especially so when you have been in a reputed and known organization. It helps the recruiter for background check and shows confidence too that you are comfortable in giving references even without requesting.

Hope this nursing resume template helps you to form your resume well and remember to tailor it according to your needs.

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