For acquiring the job opportunity, it is important for you to write the resume that will display your skills and traits marvelously. To make your resume interesting and readable, you should give solid start to your resume. Resume objective is the initial section of resume and should be written clearly and attractively. Today, we see many applicants using the executive summary as replacement for the job objectives. Let us know more about the difference in resume objective and executive summary.

Resume Objective:
The resume objective is the initial section in the resume after the contact information of applicant. The job objective in resume explains about the personal goals of the candidate working in the particular position. The objective is self centric and revolves around the candidate. It does not give any information of the candidate’s past career details and strengths.
Resume objective assists the potential employer in knowing your future career goals. It tells the employer what you can provide to the company while working on the position and how the company can get benefited by recruiting you.
How to Write Resume Objective?
Before writing the resume remember that, your job objective should focus on what you can provide to the company rather than what you desire from the company. Be specific in defining your career goals. Your resume objective should not be more than 3 to 5 lines. Include the actions verbs that can highlight your skills. Objective should be made attractive to hold the attention of the employers.
The resume objective tells the employers only about the career goals of the employer but not about the skills and strengths. It tends to be career limiting and one-dimensional. The resume objectives taper down your opportunities if you are multi-skilled and qualified for more than one position. Due to all these demerits, many applicants are now using executive summary instead of job objectives in resume.

Executive Summary:
The executive summary talks about the results that you have achieved in past and the potential you possess. It also helps to establish your professional identity. The executive summary presents your skills, accomplishments and abilities to the recruiters before reading the resume. Executive summary tells how you the company can get benefited by your strengths and abilities. It is generally written to hold the interest of the employer in your resume so that he may read your resume completely to know more about you and call you for the personal interview.

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