Writing a teenager’s resume is quite a tough job. Usually, teens lack work experience and educational qualification. If you have never worked before, you are annoyed when it comes to completing the work history section. Well, this is a situation which most of the teens out there face. However, you need to write an impressive teen resume to beat out the competition for jobs.

So, how are you going to make an attractive resume? Given below are some of key teen resume writing tips that you can use.

Make it Easily Readable
Since you are writing a resume for the first time, you may not be aware of the most preferable font size and styles. It’s always advisable to use the Times New Roman or Arial font style for completing the resume. Use a 12 font size. In any case, you should always focus on creating a neat and clean resume.

Focus on Skills & Achievements
This is going to be the main focus on a teen resume. You have lived for more than 13 years now. You are supposed to have some achievements in different areas of life. Whether it was at school, in a music competition, a quiz contest or in sports, you can include these achievements on the resume to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Don’t Ignore Interests & Activities
While writing a teenager resume, it’s also a good idea to include the interests and activities. What’s important is that relate those activities to the job you are applying for. A host of relevant interests also show how active and dynamic you are. So, don’t miss it.

Include 2-3 References
Mentioning 2-3 references can quickly add good weight to your resume. Before you sit to make your teen resume, you should collect the contact details of two or three important references. If you are known by influential people in an industry, it can have a good positive impact on the employer.

Put Together the Experience
Most of the teens have never worked before. However, there are many other activities that can be counted as experience. For example, volunteering can also be written in the form of experience. Even if you did a holiday job sometime ago, you can include the same under the working experience section. Internships can also make a good impression on the employer.

Get the Resume Proofread
You might make several language or technical mistakes in the resume. If you are very much confident, it’s a good idea to an outsider’s help. Find someone who is more experienced and skilled and request them to proofread the resume for you. An error-free resume can help you stand out in the crowd immediately.

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When you are going to step into a new career, you should know how to write an entry level resume. There are several key tips that you can use to write a resume which immediately grabs the attention of the potential employer. After all resume writing is an art.