Hiring is a combination of both, tact of selecting the right people as well as being able to sell your organization. The first step of hiring is giving out information about openings in your company or firm; advertising so to say. The most important thing that comes to the forefront is the job description. Candidates and probable employees check the job description first and then look at your company profile. It is the basic job that matters to a job seeker more than anything else. So here is how you go about writing an effective job description.

Your Priority

Check for what your priorities are; whether you are looking for a freshman candidate, an educationally well qualified person, an experience holder, etc. Make sure you are aware of your company policies well. The next step is to decide upon your selection requirement and the procedure you are going to follow. This will give you the first draft of the same.


What motivates a candidate the most is the company's profile and the management; infrastructure comes a close second. So, to project the profile well and do justice of representing your organization effectively and attract employees, the job description should be crystal clear and have the specific information written distinctly.

Non Ambiguity

There is no place for ambiguity in giving the job descriptions in the advertisements. Take a note of the fact that seeing that very section in the notice a candidate responds to you. He or she does an analysis of your expectation from them and their preparation to face the selection procedure, interviews, etc.

Precise and Concise

It is necessary to write this section very precisely and yet be pretty concise about your expectations. Either give a bulleted list or explain in short paragraphs with concise information on what is expected out of them.

Following list enumerates the contents of the job description:
Title of job
Basic job responsibilities
Management or administrative responsibilities (if any)
Knowledge and education requirements
Required / Expected skills
Performance expectations
Compensation package

All this should be included in the job description section of the advertisement. Remember, the better you are able to sell yourself, better candidates will come to you. Think from a prospective candidate's point of view and you will get the answer yourself.

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