It is universally accepted that one of the student’s least favorite activity is doing homework. Especially making assignments or writing essays. When you couple this with a quick 60-minute deadline, students often suffer. Every student is not equipped for such a task and needs help to articulate it in a way that they can excel.

Writing an essay is always a stressful activity. Combine this with an hour deadline, and students begin to panic, and rightfully so. Essays are always time-consuming and require effort; you cannot write one up from the top of your head. This will not get you a good grade. Some students can cope with it. All those that find it a challenge need not worry. They can use reliable writing services like Furthermore, if someone wants to accept the challenge of composing a high-quality essay with only sixty minutes, then we have their back. Keep reading to get helpful tips for writing an essay in an hour.

Creating the right environment

Due to the lack of time, students cannot be lazy. One of the biggest issues with such assignments is the student’s tendency to procrastinate. This cannot be the case with a 1-hour essay. You need to focus all your attention on your work and avoid any distractions. For this purpose, you can follow these guidelines;

  • Avoid using phones or any social media. Turn on the airplane mode of your mobile phone.
  • Try to work in a place that is quiet and secluded so that people do not continuously interfere. 
  • Try to work in a clean and organized space; a messy space will only divert your attention. 
  • Have a little snack with you so that you do not have to get up to eat something. Many of us are stress eaters, after all.

Topic and Sources

The standard with any essay, irrespective of its deadline, is to understand the topic accurately. Whether one hour or one week, you will end up wasting all of it if you cannot understand what to write. Read the essay question a few times. When we read in a rush, we make mistakes, and because of this, we misinterpret the topic. Students may end up writing about something completely different, and that is an automatic F grade. So, understand what is being asked of you. Only then can you know how to answer correctly.

With such short deadlines, students spend more time googling how to write an essay in an hour instead of searching for information related to the topic. This is a silly mistake. Once you have understood, now it is time to gather data. You will not be able to go to the library and do extensive research, but this should not be a problem. It is the 21st century; after all, we have access to the internet in our hands. Use sites like google scholar to help in your research. You can use both primary and secondary sources for this purpose. Try to finish this process within 10 to 15 minutes.

Outline creation

If I need an essay, I ask a professional to write my essay in 1 hour. Your outline should consist of three parts; the introduction, body, and conclusion. Since you have conducted the research, you will have a rough idea about what to write. You can jot down bullet points of what you want to be part of each section. For a typical essay, the body has three paragraphs. Due to the quick deadline constraint, you should not be over-ambitious and try to write more; three are more than enough. From the information you have gathered, you can craft three arguments and elaborate them in each paragraph. 

The introduction should be able to catch the reader’s attention immediately. Aim at incorporating interesting and exciting material or jaw-dropping facts. The conclusion should be concise and brief. It should provide a summary of the results of the essay. Do not introduce new ideas in conclusion and move from the specific content of your work to a general view. You should spend only 5 to 10 minutes creating an outline. All of this is a lot to grasp in the limited time frame. If you feel overwhelmed, you can always use an urgent writing service. The main objective of these services is to help you lessen the burden of academic responsibilities.

Thesis statement and body paragraphs

The swiftly approaching deadline does not excuse slacking off by any means. This means that you cannot omit any part. The thesis statement is a part of the introduction. This statement provides an answer to the question asked in the topic. It is to the point and brief. You elaborate further on it in the body paragraphs but do not make it very long with explanations and all. 

At this stage of how to write an essay fast, you move to the actual writing part. You will still have at least 30 to 35 minutes to write but aim at utilizing only 25 minutes. Setting up a timer for yourself will help in this. While writing the body paragraphs, start with your main argument or topic sentence.  After that, move to explain the statement and provide any facts or evidence to support it. Use examples as well and elaborate on them. Finally, write something as a transition from this argument to the next one.

When writing the body, try to use simple and to the point sentences. You do not have the luxury to think a lot and come up with elaborate lines. It should be straightforward and must convey the meaning.

Final Edit

A rookie mistake of students is ending the essay as soon as they write the conclusion. It does not matter how good a writer you are; everyone makes mistakes. Instead of letting these grammatical or spelling errors affect your grade, simply proofread your work. Also, focus on formatting. Each instructor prefers a different type of formatting so, be mindful of that. Be sure to reference and cite the sources you have used accurately. You may have composed your work in a short period but should not lack in credibility. Once you have done this, your work is ready to be submitted and graded.

Essay writing is a nightmare for the majority of students. Add a limited time frame, and these sixty minutes will be the most stressful time for a student. This is not impossible to do, though, a little hard work and a lot of time management will get you through it.

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