How to write an essay - this is taught from elementary school. Not directly - from the construction of the construction of the text, the clear formulation of thoughts, clarification of the point of view, but from the description of the subject or action, without specific rules.

This task teaches the formation of the author’s thoughts in the form of text, explanations of personal beliefs on paper. Without defined frames and patterns. For example, an essay on a free topic.

On the one hand, a person loves freedom of expression, but on the other, it is frightening with uncertainty and often leads the author to a standstill. For example, in the topic of the “Tell us about yourself” task, you should not sculpt everything in a row, telling about your personal life. It will be better to draw up a plan, working out each item individually. After that, put together the separate parts into a single meaningful text. Most blogs and catchy articles are essays. You will definitely need 论文代写 for your work.

Two types of essays are worth highlighting:
Subjective - when revealing the personal view of the author
Objective - the writer’s attitude to a given topic

The content of the work is supposed to be compact: not stripped down and not overly voluminous, so that the reader does not lose interest and the author’s thought. It is better to disclose a topic and a problem using convincing semantic constructions than to “pour water” in a text, avoiding general meanings and sentences that are difficult to perceive.

If the essay is written in living language, then the text will feel clear and concise. In this case, the reader will have a clear understanding of the author’s thoughts.

In this literary genre, do not be afraid to delve into associations and memories, experiences with an emotionally expressive coloring. Such a construction scheme is perfect for free composition.

Generally speaking, an essay is an expression of the author’s thoughts, point of view on a specific issue in the form of an essay. Society is more familiar with the word “essay” at school — in the lessons of the Russian language and literature, but this type of writing is often practiced when applying for a job. This is a direct way to learn more about the employee, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate, to see the structure and way of thinking of a person, as well as the degree of knowledge of the business language.
If the topic of the essay is free, then the facts fade into the background, giving way to the way of thinking, the originality of the author’s reasoning.

There are no clear, tough rules for the proper writing of an essay. Especially if the topic is free.

But the step-by-step structure of writing an essay is implied and consists of five parts.

1. Introduction
The introduction explains what exactly will be dealt with, what problem is posed to the reader.

2. Evidence “FOR” (basic beliefs)
3. Evidence “AGAINST” (additional beliefs)
In points 2 and 3, the author informs the reader that he understands what is being discussed. In the second paragraph, it is worth indicating the reasons FOR, and in the third - AGAINST the following statement. These two points are weighty and strive for balance.

In an essay, a plan is important, but does not become predominant when writing a work. In this context, a plan is something that the writer does not speak straightforwardly, but subconsciously conveys meaning to the reader, revealing the content of thought gradually.

The main idea of ​​the plan remains for dessert - to the denouement.

4. Interchange
This is what the author claims, claims, conveys to the reader in the form of the main idea. Prove, reveal the plan through a convincing point of view.

The fundamental factors, the driving force of the denouement, are points 2 and 3, but not taken by the context, but specifically facts, evidence of a concrete statement. In this part, examples, personal information will not be superfluous. Recognizing other points of view, the goal of the denouement is to clearly convey the author’s conviction.

Point 4 as part of the essay should be the most voluminous in the number of characters.

It is worth considering in advance how to protect a personal point of view, how to build argumentation. Add vivid and life-affirming quotes to the facts. This is done in order to add impressiveness to the text. Authoritative statements with a name add expression and credibility to the main idea.

The structure of the text should strive for clarity and logical understanding of the author’s thoughts by the reader.

Non-issue text is best removed.

The first and last paragraphs are meant to be small, concise, but understandable.

5. Conclusion
In the fifth part, the conclusion proceeds from the fourth, tends to a concrete result, to a complete thought.

It is not worth adding new points of view and statements in conclusion. In this case, the essay will lose its semantic thread.

It is important to create a spiritual atmosphere, an atmosphere for the reader, as if the author is sitting next to him, perhaps at the same table with a cup of fragrant tea as an old good friend. Thoughts expressed in a virtual conversation will be remembered for a long time, as they have an associative series and emotional coloring.

In writing an essay, two facets of the genre are taken into account:
Show yourself in the world
Show peace in yourself
It is not as simple as it seems. It is also necessary to clarify and convince the reader of sincerity. Falsehood is felt not only through words, but also through text. If the employer reveals the lies of the employee from the first lines, then he will not read further.

Turning on your imagination like a child, remember a bright moment from your personal life and describe what happened, confined to a given topic. Or try to substantiate the cause of fear in the problem that is being revealed, as psychologists do. Through this kind of experience, one can fully reveal the task at hand, while arousing the reader’s interest and empathy.

Do not skimp on life examples. Emphasize personal beliefs by telling incidents involving other people. Or with animals. It’s not without reason that the pages of social networks are full of cute photos of cats and pitiful posts with dogs looking for a house and owner. And it works. It is catchy. Because people have not forgotten how to feel and empathize.

An essay in which there is intrigue will be strongly read.

If the topic involves a detailed study of the material, do not be lazy and delve into several sources of information. In this case, the methodology of expressing thoughts will be more convincing in perception.

The essay design presupposes standard rules adopted by the Ministry of Education: the word “ESSE” is placed in the middle and is written in capital letters. The font is set standard - Times New Roman.

By the way, this work can also be considered as an essay on the topic "How to write an essay."

If the topic is read with interest, and the question is clearly covered, then it is considered open.

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