The fear of writing is as common as the fear of speaking in front of large groups. Article marketing requires you to step into new grounds or pay a pretty penny for a ghost writer. It is not hard to take that first step and then take off from there. Many people have done it and I know you can do it too.

First, what is your niche or area of specialty, if you dont have one it is hard to get started if yoiu dont know where to begin. Take twenty minutes and think about your niche and write down notes on what you could make articles about. If your niche is internet marketing then you may come up with email marketing, article marketing, blogging, building a website, opt in lists and many more.

Now you have a list to work off of you need to build these notes into a title. Lets take blogging for example, our title could be "The ultimate secrets of making money with your blog." or something along those lines. You should try to use catchy titles with how to, 3 tips, secrets of, things like this will catch the readers eye when they are going through lists of articles. The title is extremely important because you want people to open and read your article.

Now for the body I just think about my title and start writing down the different thoughts that come to mind. When I have a list of thoughts I start building them into sentences trying to make it like a conversation between the writer and the reader. Break your thoughts up into small paragraphs that make sense and this will make it easier for the reader to understand. It makes for a better presentation and is easier to read then one big glob of words.

It will take some practice and every time you write you will get more confident in your writing. One more thing to mention is the resource box another important part of your article. Most article directories will not allow you to put links for affiliate products in your resource box. So place a link for your website in the resource box, if you dont have a website its is okay. You can place a link to a blog in your resource box so I recommend wordpress, but you can go to blogger or several othersites that are free. You can then place your products on there and people will see them when they click your link.

In my resource box is a link for my blog and actually I have a free ebook on article writing on there right now. Feel free to grab that I am sure there will be some tips you can use in that book also. There are several free other free books on our blog as our main niche is internet marketing. No matter what your niche is you can find affiliate products to place on your blog it is just a matter of searching. Thanks for reading our article and dont forget to grab your free book.

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