What it takes to attract ideal clients and customers who happily buy when you’re not in front of them? We do this by having the skills to write authentic marketing copy that sells. I walked you through my first four strategies to creating authentic copy that sells. We talked about setting an intention and really energetically setting yourself up for giving rather than taking. We talked about identifying exactly who you’re writing to, defining your objective and your outcome, and then writing straight from the heart – from your heart to your reader’s heart. This is heart connection.

Now I’d like to take you through the three practical pieces of your sales copy that you must include if you want to sign on more clients and customers.

1. Objections. You’re going to want to anticipate the most common objections that are going to come up from your prospect and address them in the copy itself. Objections can be any excuse that your reader may have for not taking action. You want to put it all out there and address them one-by-one. It’s about entering the conversation that’s already going on in their heads. It could be about money, about time, about business, will it work for me, etc.

2. Testimonials. You want to include testimonials and case studies from clients who have gone through your programs or used your products. Why? Because people love success stories. It makes the results more real and it helps your reader to think, “Oh, if he can do it, so can I. If she can do it, then it can be done.”

3. Call to action. You want to give them a clear call to action. In the end people just want to be guided as to what to do. You want to make it easy for them to take the next best step. This includes letting them know when the deadline is or how many are available. Just tell them what to do, “Pick up the phone and call now.” That’s what infomercials talk about.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

When you have these three elements in place you’re going to sign on more clients. The next time you sit down to write copy, create a checklist from parts 1 and 2 of this article.

Finally, when you’re done writing, ask yourself, “Would I buy this? Would I feel good after reading this? Would I feel loved and significant? Would I like this person who actually wrote me? Or do I feel like I just got pitched heavily and that I’m just a number?” It’s really important to get clear on what message you’re sending across because if you wouldn’t buy it, then probably no one else will.

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