This Carson scholarship essay example would be dedicated to the “Evidence-based medicine” which is puzzling for many people: it would seem impossible to prove, because medicine is a science, and in science, any practical methods are necessarily based on the results of research confirming their expediency. Moreover, in the case of the same disease, doctors often offer completely different, if not opposite, forms of examination and treatment methods in the Carson scholarship essay examples. We live in a time of unprecedented scientific progress, but very often the doctors put desperate patients with pseudoscientific diagnoses like dystonia and prescribe homeopathic preparations based on the blood of calves. Also, you are able to buy essay online cheap in the case of time lack.

Sometimes the treatment resembles something between a lottery and a wandering maze, and each subsequent visit to the doctor instead of answers raises new questions.

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Up to the second half of the twentieth century, physicians around the world relied solely on the personal experience and opinions of more experienced doctors in matters of diagnosis and therapy, but this did not guarantee a favorable outcome, and sometimes even had terrible consequences (this is a very important point in the Ben Carson scholarship essay) - for example, at the beginning of the last century for treating mental disorders, teeth were removed, and heroin produced by the Bayer brand was recommended for children as a means of coughing and painkillers.

The current situation did not satisfy either doctors or patients, and in the 70s of the twentieth century a new approach to diagnosis and treatment was proposed, called critical. Now, before applying this or that method of diagnosis or treatment, it is necessary to have evidence of the effectiveness of the method used: the intervention offered to the patient must represent the greatest efficacy and the least risk. This approach, called ev.- based medicine in foreign literature (medicine based on proven), and such medicine are today the gold standard throughout the world.

Nevertheless, in many hospitals, doctors do not adhere to the principles of it and still work according to outdated standards, while in medical schools they are still taught using Soviet textbooks. Surprisingly, but a fact: a significant part of drugs and methods of treatment do not comply with the principles, their effectiveness has not been proven accordingly.

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First of all, it should be understood for the Carson scholars program that such medicine is not a branch of classic medicine. This is nothing more than a tool - figuratively speaking, a ruler. There is a certain set of rules for conducting medical research, which was finally formed by the beginning of the 80s of the twentieth century and which is still followed in world practice.

In modern medicine, there are international standards Good Medical Practice, Good Clinical Practice, Good Laboratory Practice. If we take out the questions of ethics and organization of practice indicated in them and speak strictly of modern medical research, it can be argued that they fully reflect the principles of ev.-based medicine. These studies can mathematically compare one method of treatment or diagnosis with another or, if there is no other method today, with placebo.

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The origins of it can be sought precisely in the placebo effect, that is, the pacifier, devoid of the active ingredient. The average placebo effect in mentally healthy people can reach 30%. In people who are commonly called suggestible in the common people — that is, both highly sensitive and anxious disorders — the placebo effect can reach 60%. An ordinary medical practitioner cannot always understand whether the treatment prescribed to them helped the patient or the body recovered itself, as it happens, say, during a cold. Such medicine is a tool that allows you to compare different medical procedures and determine their degree of effectiveness.

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