Resume objective is the most important factor in the resume to impress the employer as it is the first note that captures the attention of the recruiter. Therefore it should be very convincing.
When reading your resume, the reader or the recruiter wants to know one thing and that is how you are going to benefit the company or organization? When a Hiring Manager or HR Director first looks at your resume, the first part that they look at is the objective statement.
Many times, an objective statement will be very fuzzy with phrases like, “Looking for a high-quality job with a steady, growing company” or "by applying my public skills” and so on.
Rest of the times, the objective statement will stroll on with no obvious point of what the job-seeker is looking for, or what they can do for the employer.
Some so called resume ‘experts’ will give you advice to keep your objective statement short. As a matter of fact, longer objective statements filled with job or industry-specific keywords are recommended.
To give you an example, here is an objective statement written for a client which rendered great results:
‘Well-respected, active business sales executive poised for a leadership role where my higher education in business management and winning management of client accounts over a wide geographic area including Latin America; coupled with my established skills in team and project managing, customer service, expansion of centers of authority and referral-based business, and profit generation through loyalty to high standards and ethical banking practices will be utilized to constantly increase income and reduce expenses throughout the organization. Open to relocation.’
Now that's called a resume objective! In a single statement, not moving your attention till the end and including all your experience is a correct example of objective statement.
Remember, your resume has five seconds to impress the reader or recruiter.
Your objective statement should be written in such a way that clearly reflects what you are looking for in a job and what kind of precious information, skills, and knowledge you ‘bring to the table.’
No ruffle, just scientific content with essential industry keywords that will have Hiring Managers and Human Resources Directors calling you for an interview.
Imagine how great it will feel when your resume will be selected for positions that pay higher than your last or current job!

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