The backbone of email marketing strategy lies within catchy subject lines for emails and letters. Before you put a question mark on my statement, let me clarify why I said so. Well, on a daily basis you receive emails from different companies, which are trying to convince you about the features and uses of their products and services.
Understand, Target and Capture Your Audience: Focus on Uniqueness

How many of you actually open the a promotional email in your inbox and read till the last word? Hardly 5%? Correct? The reason these emails are directed towards the trash folder in a flash, even before they are opened is mostly one of the following:

The subject lines give a clear idea that this email is nothing but SPAM.
The email or newsletter subject line is visibly trying to sell you something. This makes you feel like the fool bombarded by the smart marketers with no place to hide.
Subject line consist of incomprehensible language and characters.
Subject line seems too vague and generic for you.

Clearly, you do not want to be in the seat of the above listed sender. You must have experienced a great degree of frustration because you do not know what kind of strategy you should practice in order to make your target customers actually read your email?
Boost Your Reader’s Interest

The solution to this lies in creating subject title lines, which are influential enough to actually jump off the monitor screen and which hold the readers from their collars, compelling them to direct full attention towards the rest of the body.
Selling with smart one liners

Many people believe that a good email subject line is similar to a newspaper headline; if it is boring, readers will never read what is below the caption and if otherwise, then the details will be read with much interest. If the subject line is short, pertinent and conveys directly the pros of the offer, it is likely that the email will be read and in some cases reacted. Therefore, whenever you are carrying out an email marketing campaign, make sure the subject line sells the rest of your message.

Craft subject lines which pique curiosity if not interest
Understand and address their needs
Format your words which inspire “need”

Please the Spammy-Filter Eyes with Your One Liner

Once the audience is taken care of, your next concern should be to avoid the spam filters of email service providers. The email subject title should be clean and simple so you maximize your chances of making it in the inbox.

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