Knowing how to write copy that will motivate people into making a purchase is a talent that involves more than just your writing skills. A copywriter needs to place themselves inside the head of the people they are addressing. In the case of producing sales copy the writing has to be able to help readers overcome their reluctance to make a purchase.

Here are 3 common barriers a copy writer needs to address when writing sales copy to help people overcome their hesitancy to make a purchasing decision.

Product Will Not Work

One of the most common fears of any buyers is that the product they are considering will not perform the way it is advertised. This is an obvious and legitimate concern that has roots in human skepticism and also advertising hype.

This type of fear needs to be acknowledged by the sales copy which than goes on to soothe these fears by explaining exactly how the product works. Logical exclamations usually help to over the skepticism that helps create the reluctance to buy.

They Are Wasting Their Money

Here is where the use of testimonies works as a form of 'social proof' when potential buyers are 'wrestling' with their decisions. It is human nature to want to hear from others about their own 'experiences' with something that you may be considering for yourself. This process of 'validating' your buying decision in affect is lessening the self guilt or doubt you may be experiencing.

Another approach to help overcome this type reluctance is to soothe these doubts by offering a money back guarantee. This offers buyers a 'safeguard' against the possibilities that they decide their decision was not the right one to make. The guarantee allows them to 'reverse' their decision with little or no risk to themselves.

They Will Never Use Product

This fear lies more in the buyers reluctance and/or inability to take action and they must be reminded that for things to change they must change. By reminding people of what it is that they want to fix or improve and how the product can do just that IF they take action helps to dilute these fears.

At this point giving them clear directions as to what they need to do next to make this purchase thereby making the change works best.

Determining how to write copy that will influence people into making a purchase online starts with addressing their fears. Your writing skills are only as good as the thoughts they represent. When writing effective sales copy you must address those issues that have the most influence on readers insofar as to whether they make a purchase or not. The 3 common barriers readers contend with as reviewed above need to be identified and dealt with in your copy. By removing any doubt or hesitancy of potential buyers it is easier for them to appreciate the features and benefits of what you have to offer and thereby choose to make a purchase.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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