Words create content, but without knowledge, both are useless. There are ways to make the content on your site sell. It all starts with what you know and how you use it. In order to have an effective grasp on both, communication is key.

Why is web content writing different?

When people read books, they take their time. Online writing is different because the Internet is the information superhighway. People come to it less for entertainment and more for discovery. But with all the information available online, your content must be more than words. It must have a visual element. That's why shorter sentences and smaller paragraphs are vital to web delivery. Clear communication and cutting to the point are essentials.

Presell with your content

In the book Make Your Content PREsell, you are taken on a journey of discovery that focuses not simply on getting visitors to your site, but how to get and keep them engaged once there. Breaking content into sections that deal with crucial elements such as attention getters, sentence structure and communicating the main idea, are a few of the tools discussed.

Make Your Words Sell

Another free online tool is the book Make Your Words Sell in which you are given the two most important aspects of providing content that closes the deal: knowing your product and knowing your audience. Most content online is drab and dreary, presented by non-professionals, who may have the passion, but they just don't know how to communicate it. Mastering these two elements and truly getting to know what makes the people most likely to become your customers tick are the keys discussed.

Make Your Site Sell

In Make Your Site Sell, you find out the Big Three elements to standing out in the fierce online world. Yes, there are millions of websites on the World Wide Web, and while that can seem overwhelming-and sometimes downright discouraging-the odds get much better when you realize how few of these sites truly "get it." Master the Big Three in this book, and the results fall into place. First, have a great product or service that you can speak about passionately and clearly. Secondly, optimize your site to sell. Make sure the infrastructure is in place, and that you are ready to start taking orders. Thirdly, go after targeted traffic, or those people who would stand to best benefit from your product or service, and focus all advertising needs on them.

Make Your Knowledge Sell

Last but not least, this book helps you to pull the knowledge out of your head and onto the page. It teaches you the right ways to publish. It educates you on the ins and outs of Internet sales. Brainstorm. Write. Promote your info products to success.

With just a handful of the right tools and a spirit of putting passion first and money second, you can have more financial success and personal fulfillment than you ever thought possible from the ideas living in your head.

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