How Ultrasound Scan is Performed

The entire ultrasound procedure takes approximately 30 minutes. Before the procedure, the patient is said to dress in a hospital gown and take off any kind of accessories that can impede the images of the scan. Different types of ultrasound scanning are done in various ways. The following information is available: External ultrasound after applying a lotion to remove air pockets between the skin and the instrument, the probe should be moved across the skin. Find out more about our lubricating gels here. In an internal ultrasound scan, the probe is placed inside the body of the patient using a sterile cover that is not much broader than a finger. The probe is gently passed through the rectum or vagina and this type of ultrasound is also called transvaginal Ultrasound. endoscopic ultrasound to scan, the probe attaches to a thin, long, and flexible tube that is passed further inside the body. Click here

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