Understanding the psychological impacts of relationships can be very difficult. After all, both you and your partner are unique people who each have your own different beliefs.

When it comes to understanding your partner and really “getting” their psychology, you have to try to understand where they are coming from in their own life.

Try to talk to your partner and learn their beliefs about love and the opposite gender before you jump to conclusions about them purposefully doing something to hurt you.

Many times, you can avoid arguments, misunderstandings, or conflicts in your relationship by simply talking and checking in with your partner. Find out how they are feeling and if they (or sometimes you) are reacting to past hurts from previous lovers or from traumas in your childhood.

If there is a consistent theme that seems to plague your relationship that stems from a psychological root, it is helpful to work on your own beliefs and internal thinking that may be creating this situation over and over again. Either that, or help your partner deal with their beliefs that contribute to conflicts.

For example, if your relationship suffers form constant jealousy issues, then it may be important for you and your partner to discuss your past experiences with other relationships and friends of the opposite gender.

Perhaps, one person was hurt in the past by a relationship where a “platonic friend” ended up causing an emotional affair that tore the relationship apart. While the other person simply sees this third person a sibling and genuinely has no sense of attraction toward them at all.

If this is the case, try to come to an understanding. You can’t expect one partner to give up a close friendship simply because you feel jealous, and you should try to be understanding if your partner was the victim of cheating in a previous relationship.

Remember, that all bad emotions come from focusing your attention on what you do not want, and that all the bad feelings of jealousy come from dreading the worst in the situation. If you or your partner are experiencing unfound jealousy for example, it can do wonders to help them keep their thoughts positive and to constantly reaffirm to them how important your relationship with them is.

Relationship psychology can be tricky to deal with but by understanding one another, you and your partner can overcome difficulties in your relationship and begin to strengthen your bond.

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