Have you ever been in a slump worse than a teenager's posture? Have you felt overwhelmed, resentful, bitter, and like nothing is going right? Have you felt sluggish in the face of everything, consumed by negative thinking, and even depressed? Have people been getting on your very last nerve--and then moving on to every other organ in your body like expert surgeons who know just how to slice you apart?

You may be surprised by this but if you answered yes to any of these questions, you are most likely suffering from a huge impediment that is blocking your prosperity in every area of your life. This impediment is a common one for most people--It's a spiritual H1N1 virus that will keep you from recognizing all the good--all the riches--in your life right now. This impediment will block abundant living, and it will keep you mired in negative thinking.

What is this impediment and why is it so insidious? It is unforgiveness.

"Oh come on," you may be thinking. "Unforgiveness? An impediment to my prosperity? Get real!" But I'm telling you, anything you are holding against another person, yourself, or your Higher Power, will send your attitude into a cesspool of lack.

No, I'm not going to preach to you that you've got to forgive seventy times seven (though Jesus surely knew we wouldn't get it right the first time or he wouldn't have preached this) nor are we going to do any snake handling together. (Sorry to disappoint you snake lovers out there.) What I'd like you to understand is that KEEPING SCORE in any area of your life will result in a scorecard that adds up to less than you could have--in your relationships, your work, your happiness, and your bank account!

Forgiving other people is not for them, it's for you. If you focus on what so-and-so did to you and all the ways that Life has been unfair to you (you know that fickle guy, Life, right??), you are setting yourself up as a victim. And if you're in a negative victim thinking pattern, you are NOT prosperous. You're in a space of complete lack that will destroy any peace of mind and gratitude you could otherwise enjoy.

When we can treat other people—and ourselves—with compassion and acceptance, we remove a huge block in our prosperity. And it's not just a forgive once and it's done forever thing; forgiveness is a daily commitment.

Why not try out this process I love using? When you're in the shower at night, wash away the grit from the day physically AND mentally. Go through everything that happened that day and forgive yourself and any other "guilty" parties for what didn't turn out so peachy. Just imagine forgiveness flowing over you like the steamy water, washing away any hurt feelings or negativity you still hold against yourself or somebody else. And know as you do this that you are freeing yourself to wake up and have a fabulous day the next day.

Get out of your slump of negative thinking and take charge of your energy and your life. Forgive anything and anyone taking up psychic space in your brain. Don't you need that brain power for your own plans, your own peace of mind, and your own abundant living?

Don't let unforgiveness debit your energy until you've got a negative balance in your life. Put the deposit of time into forgiving others and you'll reap serious benefits--peace and prosperity and much more.

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Dr. Barnsley Brown is a professional speaker and coach who loves helping busy professionals create balance and prosperity. Want to have 2+ more hours every day for who and what you love? Find out how with Dr. Barnsley's fun, info-packed report, "How to Overcome Overwhelm in Seven Easy Steps" at http://spirited-solutions.com/freebies/reports/