Over the years crane service has become quite popular and is taking over removal of large trees by traditional methods. There is no denial of the fact that traditional methods for removing the tree is not only labour intensive and time consuming but it also produce substandard results when compared to results produced by crane services.

You can contact crane rental service and ask them to do large tree removal or overhead tree removal from your vicinity.

Tree removal using a crane can be done in 5 easy steps.

Step 1:  First and foremost step for tree removal is site survey. A crew of technicians who will eventually remove the tree will survey the site from where the tree has to be removed. They will observe various things such as elevations, place to keep the crane, overhead obstacle, distance of the tree from loading and picking up area and so on. Based us on their survey they will devise a strategy for efficient tree removal from that place.

Step 2: Once the strategy has been made, next step is to level the crane once it is on the site. It is very important to level the crane and keep it balanced and stabilized while working. Around 2 stabilizers are needed to fully stabilize the crane. Once crane arrives on the site, this work of stabilization is done before starting with tree removal. It takes around 35 minutes to stabilize the crane completely.

Step 3: In the third step tree climber and crane operator assess various aspects such as weight of the tree piece that will cut, angle in which it will be cut and growth pattern of the tree. All this is very important for cutting the tree safely. If weight of the pieces cut is not assessed accurately and if it exceeds the capacity of the crane then it may out turn the crane.

Step 4: Next step is to tie a support line to a secured place above the ball of the crane. Then they will be lifted to the place from where tree has to be removed. It is then climber climbs down, attach a secured line and start with the work of tree removal.

Step 5: next step is to cut small pieces of the tree so that it can be transported to sawmill. Pieces which are smaller than 10 inches are used in making mulch. Once the work of tree removal and cutting it down to small piece is over, crane is unhooked and removed from the site.

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