You must have heard about cornerstone content being the core of any website. But have your wondered why? It is because this content signifies the most important articles in the website and refers to those posts or pages which have ranked highest on search engines.

What is cornerstone content?

Cornerstone articles are the lengthy, informative articles which include insights from various blog posts. They have all data pertaining to a specific topic. This valuable SEO strategy has been gaining more and more prominence as Google shows its preference to well-written blog posts over the earlier keyword-stuffed ones. This strategy has also enabled many under-performing sites to go past their competitors.

The concept is new and many existing sites must learn the art of cornerstone content creation. The content is different from regular site content because the focus here is to render a comprehensive account of any topic. The aim is not to sell a product; but, at the same time, the content must reflect your company goals. The cornerstone content could well be a web page or a blog post. Whatever it is, the idea is to create it well and keep updating it.

Why is cornerstone content needed for SEO?

Since it is challenging to rank the search terms which are most popular, cornerstone approach enables you to get these competitive keywords. When you are writing multiple articles on a single topic, you need to inform Google about which of these is most vital. Else, your chances of getting a high rank on Google diminishes. Since domain authority remains an integral part of any SEO strategy, bloggers are advised to create lengthy content which encompasses more than what other websites can offer. So, the main purpose of including cornerstone content is to ensure that your site is recognized as an authority by Google in your niche. You must therefore devote research and time to create a handful of such articles which can give you this authoritative power to outshine others.

How does WP cornerstone content work?

It benefits search engine rankings because with every new update Google makes to its algorithm, users are going to be directed towards the best quality articles on a specific topic. Google has been showing its preference for real content compiled by real experts and not shoddy writing stuffed with keywords.

Google will use “web crawlers” or software for crawling through your website. These open every link on every page and then process additional pages which open because of such links. During this “crawling”, Google considers some factors like how relevant your content is, how up-to-date it is and how many keywords are used in every page. The more you follow Google ranking signals, the more Google will see authority in the content and the higher will be your website rank. This is the main job of cornerstone content.

When you have cornerstone content your business can benefit from increased brand awareness. It will also draw more site visitors to your website. It can establish authority, credibility and a positive sentiment for the brand. To get the right cornerstone content you need to get the right topic on which to build such content. Once you have a topic, you need to research well on it to bring something new to offer your readers. You must also consider the format which would deliver this content best; whether a how-to-guide will work or whether a series of videos will get the message across well. The entire cornerstone piece cannot happen overnight; you must set milestones to keep this project moving.

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