A video is a powerful marketing tool to promote a brand and make a business grow online. Today, a number of customers are interacting with businesses online that it has been important to boost your video marketing to get the attention of the audience.

Did you know videos are compelling to create engagement, increasing shares, likes, generating leads, increasing the sales and click-throughs? It is one of the best tactics to bring more exposure to your brands while helping to achieve the bottom-line.


According to some online researches:


  • Video traffic will grab 80% of all customer traffic, and Facebook will generate 8 billion views on an average.


  • YouTube reports video consumption raising 100% every year.


  • 55% of people watch videos online every day.


  • 90% of users have admitted that product videos are helpful in decision making


  • A landing page with video can increase the conversion rate by 80%


  • People spend 3 times longer watching a live social video than the time spent on pre-recorded one.


  • Top three most effective types of video content include customer testimonials, tutorial video, and demonstration of product and service.


Here is a list of strategies to use in video marketing:


Soon after you go through the facts mentioned above, you will be backed by enough reasons to run a video campaign for your business by a video editing agency in Perth. And, here are a few strategies you shouldn't miss -


  • Use videos to tell your brand’s story, it will show your passion and zeal to the market you’re targeting.


  • Live-streaming is reaching the popularity now, and hence, you can take advantage of facebook live, Instagram stories to engage them to social media followers. You can share your blog content, some breaking news or promotion of your next event.


  • You can upload videos directly to the facebook or you can share them on the YouTube to boost the organic search.


  • Each of your product should have a dedicated video, where you need to illustrate the way to use the products/services and its features.


  • Repurpose your previous blog posts into a video series to extend its reach.


  • Try incorporating video content in emails and don’t forget to notify the users with a “video” in the subject line.


Why do the videos are so popular?


A video is easy to access, easy to consume the content and grab the attention of the online users for a more extended period. A video is more informative than the image or text message.


While containing more emotions, actions, it can explain the purpose well that viewers can easily remember. Did you know videos have 41% higher click-through rate than the plain text messaging?


So, how does it help SEO?


The accessibility and involvement in the video content seem to be longer. If you can make a video that has enough information to win your customers’ confidence, it can increase their dwell time on the website.


More the dwell time, better the Google recognises and features your video as a valuable one. And this is one of a kind how a digital marketing agency in Perth can rank your website as good one across the Search Engine Search Result Pages.


While capping off here, you must know most people watch videos using mobile phones, hence the video content is bound to surge your brand image in the top search results. You don’t have to spend money on video ads, just sharing a market-related video means your name will name will get featured across top search listing.

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