When it comes to making a lasting impact in multiple industries, there is nobody making quite the ruckus that Viking Barbie has made recently. Holding the title of one of the internet’s most beautiful women, this two-time Playboy Magazine covergirl is enjoying quite the successful ride. With over 7 million followers across her various social media channels, and a recent hit hip hop music release, Viking Barbie is shattering expectation for what a woman can be when she sets her mind to succeed.

However, the journey to success has not been without struggle for Viking Barbie. Raised by famous wrestler Jeep Swenson and exotic dancer/model Erin Hillsman, Viking Barbie knows the spotlight well - and is intimately aware of the difficulties that can follow a life of fame and fortune.

It wasn’t long after Viking Barbie began building a successful online following that she began to find her demons catching up to her. Her party lifestyle led her down the dark road to drug addiction and alcohol abuse that threatened to put an end to her career prematurely.

How did Viking Barbie overcome these difficult seasons and capture the success that she is now enjoying? The buxom beauty says that her survival was due to the work ethic she gained from her hardworking parents, and the power of positive thinking.

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When the world seemed to be crashing in around her, Viking Barbie faced the decision of lifting herself up from the cold, hard jail cells or giving in completely to a life of imprisonment to her vices. As you can see, Viking Barbie has decided that her life is her own, and nothing is going to stop her from achieving her dreams.

That victory over her demons has paid off. Now enjoying a life of addiction-free sobriety, this self-proclaimed “American Dirtbag” is watching her online audience continue to grow exponentially and her forays into industries that were once off-limits to online models are seeing incredible dividends. Her recent release of her album “Borderline” walks listeners through the hidden underbelly of mental health struggles that even the most beautiful suffer from daily. The stories of struggle and victory in her new songs are a beautiful testimony to the power of overcoming and succeeding against all odds.

See the latest from Viking Barbie online and check your favorite streaming platforms to hear more of her latest music releases! You won’t want to miss the latest from this powerful woman!

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