A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other. - Anonymous

How did you feel when your proposal was accepted? You were soaring high in happiness and that moment would have felt right as rain. You were confident that you made the right choice in choosing the person to share the rest of your life. Then how do marriages fail?

Matrimony is the next step in the poetic voyage of love. It doesn't matter how well you have known each other or how long you had been in a relationship with each other. The marriage phase is pretty different. Post marriage life poses several unique challenges that might shake your bond. It alters the behavior, brings in chaos into your life. The ever-inflating romance seems to have faded away. And that feels like your marriage is on the verge of extinction.

Every couple who had been married goes through this phase, and most couple learns to survive on their own. Those couples sit together to talk about the issues, make amends, and get over it together. But that doesn't seem to work out for every other couple on the planet. In such a case, Reaching out for professional help is the best way to save your marriage.

What are the marital distress?
The major causes of marital issues can be summarized into four major types:

> Day to day stress
> Complex family Relationships
> Economic stress
> Parenting stress

Couples would have difficulties in finding time for each other, dealing with other family members, and intimacy issues.
Marriage counseling is known to help you in solving marital problems successfully.

But, What stops you from undergoing counseling?
Here is a list of myths and facts to clear the obstacles that stands on the path to marital counseling:

* MYTH - Good marriages happen naturally: People think a successful marriage occurs innately. Relying on this theory gives people a wrong notion that they could not do much for the betterment of a poor relationship, and they never seek help.
* FACT - People can better their relationships and lead a mutually-satisfying life.

* MYTH - Marriage is a private matter: Some people believe that the marital relationship is too personal. And they often hesitate to open up about issues related to their marriage with other people, even with a therapist.
* FACT - It is okay to share than to suffer. By opening up about the issues they face in their marriage, they could get some help. Especially, Marriage counselors are trained professionals who can help the couple to resolve their problems.

* MYTH - Marriage enrichment services doesn't help: Many people think that marital enrichment programs do not help them in the longer run.
* FACT - Research has proved that marriage counseling programs help couples improve their relationships in a deep and long-lasting way.

What statistics tell us about divorce and marriage counseling?

Recent studies show that almost 50% of marriages in the US end in divorce, and 41% of first marriages end in divorce. For every 13 seconds, there is a divorce in America.
At the same time, scientific data shows there is a considerable reduction in the divorce rate after counseling sessions. Marital counseling has helped 50% of distressed couples to have an improved and satisfying marriage after more than four years of therapy.

How marital enrichment services help and benefit couples in distress?

Irina Firstein, One of the 2019 Three Best Rated® award-winning marriage counseling therapists in NewYork, says that relationships are crucially important. And marriage counseling has helped way too many couples who are struggling to cope with their marriage.

> Enhancing communication between life partners
> Negotiation
> Conflict resolution
> Problem-solving
> Tolerance, Acceptance & forgiveness


> Therapy helps to improve self-growth.

> It makes couples realize the importance of Love, Care, and respect for a long-lasting happy companionship.

> It influences and improves the mental and physical health of both persons.

> Research also suggests that when parents are in good terms with each other, It enhances their children's mental health and children's overall development.

> It improves the quality of life.

Marriage is the first brick laid to build a family, and a good relationship is the cement that binds the family altogether. Trust your spouse, give each other the space for self-growth, embrace the imperfections, learn to love the person for what they are, and stay happily ever after.

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